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Natural Expo West Part IV: Vegan Odds & Vegan Ends

Are your eyes as tired from reading all these posts as my body was from canvassing probably 50% of The Expo? Well, we’re almost there. Just gotta tie up all the loose odds & ends, in this, the final chapter– MISCELLANEOUS YUMS.


Earth Balance Coconut Spread

I was not going to try this stuff, cause really, when you’re in Candyland, who needs a piece of toast with butter? I also had it in my head, for unknown reasons, that it would be sweet, so it was just pure gluttony that landed this sample in my mouth. What a pleasant surprise! Perhaps it’s because it had been out instead of in the fridge like I keep my marg, but it was super spready, extra extra salty, and not really coconutey at all. It was high on yums. I feel compelled to hunt down a tub as soon as the one I’m currently working my way through runs dry. It also says it’s great for baking and cooking, and I like to eat baked and cooked foods, so, bonus!


Vegenaise is not new, you balk! No, it’s not, but their new line of flavored mayos and sauces are and holy wows were they good. New products include: Horseradish Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Roasted Garlic Vegenaise, Barbecue Vegenaise, Chipotle Vegenaise and Pesto Vegenaise. The chipotle and the pesto were particularly awesome and I love anything horseradish. Figure out something to make with these and get some immediately. Or, just put stop at your local Pommes Frite shoppe on your way home and slather ’em up.

Food For Lovers

So in Chapter One, I told you about the Quesos and hinted at more to come. Here is the more: Country Gravy (which they were not sampling) and Chipotle Mayo (which they were)! Last year the lovers had one product and this year they had four! They’ve been busy and I’d like to thank them for it. The mayo was great and I’m dying to try the gravy. I mean, it’s white. Where I come from, gravy is brown, so I’m going to have to look into this. They say these two should be available soon, and most likely in all the same places the Queso is already in. I just looked at my calendar for “soon” and I didn’t find it. Could it be tomorrow please?

Green Garbanzo Hummus

I’d like to apologize in advance for my lack of information about this product. All I can say is that I was in a food coma by the time I got to here– where ever here was. I thought I grabbed some literature on it, but I guess I didn’t. And my internet search results for ‘Pure Nature Green Garbanzo Hummus’ came up with squat. But I swear, this stuff was real, as witnessed by the photo I took of it. Granted that tub was empty, but I swear I had like three samples, It was that good. So if you see it, and you trust me even though I’m totally failing you right now, I’d say buy it. I mean, life is an adventure and we like green things.

Nordic Naturals

The first two rooms of the Expo are dedicated to supplements. I usually high-tail it through to the foods. But this year, someone pointed out to me while zooming past the Nordic Naturals booth, that they had a Vegan Omega-3. Apparently a few companies do, but I only paused at this one (long enough to get a free bottle). Everybody’s always going on and on about Omega-3s and their Fish Oil. Blech. I’m not a fan of supplements, as I think they are too potent for your body to be able to absorb much of it, you pee most of it out, and your kidneys don’t appreciate it. But if they’re going out of their way to make a Vegan version AND they’re handing me a free bottle (a $49.95 value!) — what the heck (see above re: adventure). Unfortunately, I got the liquid form as they didn’t have any of the soft gels, but freebies can’t be choosers. Made from micro-algae, it claims it’s supposed to support normal vision, heart health, positive mood, immunity, and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response but I only started taking it yesterday so, so far all I can report is this: the suggested dosage is 1.5ml, but the dropper only goes up to 1ml, so you have to do one full plunge and then figure out how to get a half of one. Annoying. Also, it doesn’t taste like any lemon I’ve ever had.

And then they lived happily ever after. THE END.

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    Vegan Sweetie

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    :) You’re hilarious! Great recommendations. I don’t buy products generally, but I do like to know what’s out there:)