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a meat eater's colon

“A Meat Eater’s Colon”

It was way cool to see’s Scanner blog make the “hundreds of proud vegetarians and vegans who swarmed New York City’s Meatpacking District” their “Crush of the Week.” While the blogger is obviously an unrepentant carnivore, it was nice for the Veggie Pride paraders to get “sexed up” with the nod from Nerve.

A special mention was made of the “people who aren’t afraid to talk about their poop.” That would be, specifically, the doodies who brought up the, um, rear of the parade with their representation of a meat-eater’s colon, with signs pointing to “butt cancer,” “polyps” and a large plastic “colostomy bag” filled with plastic poop.

Since poop is almost always funny (except when deposited by babies in disposable diapers or as raw sewage backed-up in the basement or, well I guess there are plenty of times poop is serious business), I gotta give it up to Jenny Brown (or “Brownie” in this case) of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary who proclaimed “protect your poop chute” while marching with the colon along the parade route.

Her husband, and WFAS co-founder, Doug Abel, chimed in that he was getting hit in the head by the giant papier-mâché turd at the tail end of the “toxic colon installation.” And cartoonist and WFAS board member Dan Piraro graciously shared intimate details of his prior problems with constipation and diarrhea before he became vegan. These days, he has “zero trouble with any of that.”

Now if that isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is. I guess if you’ve got a healthy colon, flaunt it! Just keep it in your pants please.

A round of applause please for Parade organizer Pamela Rice for pulling it all off and getting great media coverage. Though I have to take issue with her assertion that “in fact, most vegetarians are almost teetotallers” when Tim Murphy of New York mag asked if she liked “gazpacho with vodka.”

I can tell you, from personal experience, that tequila straight-up works wonders for keeping the colon flowing just fine!

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    Laura Leslie

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    Yes, vegans are such teetotalers. ;)