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New Eateries in NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide

This post was written at Boneshakers.

This post was written at Boneshakers.

It’s been a while since I last bragged about adding restaurants to our awesome NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide, so I figured a post doing just that was due.





If you wanna know about a restaurant that’s been added to the guide before I get around to bragging, please subscribe to (or check often) the recently added restaurants page.


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    The Adventures of Olivia and the Yellow Laptop.

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    Jason Das

    on #

    The next picture is of her climbing inside the laptop. But we thought it would be better to use one that shows her face. Even if that face’s disinterested smile does seem to say “elect me as your state senator.”

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    everyone!!! there’s another all vegan ice cream place in Manhattan. on 10th street across the street from St Marks Church. they just opened yesterday, called Stogo. they’re all organic so the ice cream is a lil more money than Lula’s ($4.25 for a cup) Really weird that 2 vegan ice cream places just opened in Manahttan, this is deathly for me haha anyways i tried their coconut ice cream & it was really good! they also sell cupcakes & muffins from Babycakes

  4. Comment by

    Neysha Melissa

    on #

    I’m so happy you listed Neighburrito! It’s one of my favorite places on the LES. They have awesome vegan protein options. The lime-cumin tofu is my fave. I usually go there after my shift at BabyCakes, and the people are really nice!

  5. Comment by

    American Chef

    on #

    Its a helpful list for vegans, who are looking for good restaurants.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Warning*** Crif Dogs veggie hot dogs and tater tots not vegan (contrary to popular belief) and very rude staff!!
    I went to this place with a few friends mistakenly thinking it had vegan options. I found out after I ordered something that it was not something I could eat. I am also lactose intolerant and have severe food allergies. If people think that makes me “difficult” so be it but its my money and I should choose what I do with it. I have lived in NYC my entire life and never had a problem canceling an order and getting my money returned to me. I have gotten the occasional bad attitude but nothing more. As soon as I found out I could not eat my meal and made alternate dinner plans I told the (rude) counter person I wanted to cancel my order. Not only did he REFUSE to cancel the order, he yelled at me for deciding not to tip him (I thought tips were optional- and rare- at fast food joints and given the horrible service was surprised it was expected). He then said I had to leave WITHOUT my food or he would call the police! All because I would not tip the rude guy and changed my order!!! I said I will leave only if a) I get my food- so I could at least give it to someone- OR b) I get a refund…. BUT I am not paying for nothing. He refused to give me my money back so I refused to leave. He told me I had to wait outside in the cold when all the other customers did not. I then got my food after being ridiculed and yelled at by the restaurant staff as the customers all clapped.. much later and (of course) it was the wrong food too!! I gave it to a nice homeless guy so at least my horrible (first and last) experience at Crif wasn’t a complete waste and someone had a meal. But I walked away hungry and shaken up. WARNING- IF YOU ARE VEGAN OR HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES DO NOT EXPECT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS WITHOUT SARCASM. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER AND WILL BE ASKED TO STAND OUTSIDE LIKE SOME KIND OF CRIMINAL BY A DIRTY RUDE HIPSTER WHILE THEY DECIDE IF THEY SHOULD BRING YOU YOUR FOOD YOU ****PAID**** FOR!!
    THIS IS THE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY 30 SOME YEARS IN NYC. After all that they didn’t even get the order right.

  7. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Nycitygal, this is not a blog post about Crif Dogs. But we encourage you to leave a review on Crif Dogs’ page in our NYC restaurant guide. It would be a great help to the rest of us if you could indicate what exactly was “not vegan,” especially if it’s something beyond the veggie dogs being cooked on the same grill as the meat (which we already mention).