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New Restaurants in Manhattan and Queens!

Rockin' the orange at Exotic Superfoods.

Rockin’ the orange at Exotic Superfoods.

As we recently bragged, we just added a bunch more Brooklyn restaurants to our NYC vegan restaurant guide. Since some people apparently venture out of Brooklyn on occasion, we added these non-Brooklyn places too:

Queens: Exotic Superfoods is a raw foods restaurant and store in Fresh Meadows. Rice Avenue in Jackson Heights offers up veg-friendly Thai food.

Manhattan: We added a couple of dirt-cheap Punjabi taxi driver places – Grab & Go Dil-E (Heart of) Punjab Deli in Chelsea and Punjabi in the East Village. Across the street from Punjabi, you’ll find vegan hot dogs and cookies at the Sunshine Theater’s concession stand.

24 Carrots Organic Juice Bar on the Upper West Side carries desserts from Babycakes and raw food from Raw Soul. There’s a new Zen Palate in the Financial District. Midtown’s Kyotofu is a dessert bar where everything is based around tofu, which is such an awesome idea (be careful; this doesn’t mean everything is vegan).

You can eat fancy Caribbean fare at The Blue Mahoe on 14th Street, and find some very hip and trendy falafel (I mean that in a nice way) at Taïm in the West Village. Nearby, you’ll find two Cafe Angeliques, one on on Grove Street and the other on Bleeker. Both offer vegan sandwiches, muffins and cookies along with usual coffeehouse fare.

Every time I turn around in a tony Manhattan neighborhood, it seems a new Le Pain Quotidien has popped up like some kind of pernicious Belgian mushroom. I love these places, though. The three newest branches are at 11th and Broadway, 68th and First Avenue and on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea. Here’s our map of all 13 NYC branches.

And finally, for fans of dosa-nouveau, we’ve added the two downstate locations of the Hampton Chutney Company, in Soho and on the Upper West Side. (Every so often, people ask us what city SuperVegan will tackle next: Boston? San Francisco? LA? But the correct answer is the Hamptons.)

Go eat! Then come back to SuperVegan and leave some reviews!


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    Can someone explain the term “tony Manhattan neighborhood” to me? I’ve also seen parts of LA referred to as ‘tony’. What’s the deal? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    It means I can’t afford to live there.

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    This weekend I heard that there is a new location of Blossom opening up around 81st Street & Amsterdam Avenue. Say it’s so!

  4. Comment by

    Jason Das

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    Exciting news, Sendhil! I found this web page, but don’t know anymore than that. Anyone else?