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New York City is More Vegan Than You

Filed under: Media New York City
Our taste in music is far superior than yours

Our taste in music is far superior than yours

Ranking stuff always puts people on the defensive; it causes an instant white-knuckle reaction to whatever you’re ranking because people are often invested in that which you are dissecting and putting up for grading. I’m not usually shaken, but this morning was different.

I just saw PETA’s list of Most Veg-Friendly Cities and I cried. I cried and then I vomited in my mouth a little. Not because of the list mind you, but because I have acid reflux.

I cried because New York City is ranked 9th on a list of 10. That means that we’re almost the last kid to be picked for the team; we’re basically getting that piece of the cake that doesn’t have a decorative flower on it.

I suppose the 52 Vegan and 92 Vegetarian options in this city mean little; perhaps now they’ll all close their doors and shutter their windows and leave us forever. A distant memory, like that time Ken pantsed Dominique at recess and all the girls laughed because he had a birthmark on his butt.

But. Like. Whatever. I’m making my own list and I’m putting New York City number one because, we’re more “veg-friendly” than you on any day of the week Albuquerque, New Mexico. And, like, vegans in New York City know how to do cool dances like the Roger Rabbit and the Running Man.

Besides, it’s easy to create a ranked list of things without revealing the criteria or method at which the list was compiled. It’s best to just, like, say we’re the best and you suck and that we’re more vegan than you because the sky is blue and you can’t dance, so there.

I made this money, you didn’t, right Ted?


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    DC in #1? Yeah, right

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    I live in DC and can say PETA really screwed this up. We’ve had two of our less than half dozen veggie only businesses close since November because they weren’t doing enough business. I travel to NYC just to eat. I would never say that about DC. Or Albuquerque, NM, for that matter. I was just there two weeks ago and ate one of the ABQ places they sited. Frankly, it wasn’t very good.

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    The only reason PETA makes these bullshit lists is to get everyone’s attention and rile shit up. It’s their M.O. on all fronts, and I for one won’t be giving them any extra page views for it!

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    Ha! I live in Los Angeles and have been to San Francisco and let me tell you, they don’t like vegans and barely tolerate vegetarians. It says a lot if a California girl is part of a vegan New York blog rather than one near by. No worries New York, we all know the truth.

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    I’m convinced that PETA is more concerned with Silly Bandz, Lebron James and Mel Gibson’s music career than anything. I’d even go so far to say that they’re Team Edward.

    I for one am appalled that shampoo is so expensive; it makes me want to leave the one I’m with and start a new relationship.

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    You crazy, Lulu. I think SoCal is very vegan friendly. We have so many good vegan restaurants and even two really popular chains (Veggie Grill and Native Foods). I think LA and NYC are on really similar levels (went to college in NYC).

    Of course I only go to Vegan and Indian restaurants and did the same in NY. I can’t really speak for the other 8 spots on the list but I’m pretty sure Portland should be #1 from the one time I’ve been there.

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    on #

    For the record, I live in Oakland and eat around the Bay frequently. I’m not sure where you were chowing, Lulu, but it’s a very veg and vegan friendly place — our problem with getting new veg restaurants here is more tied to preservationist urban planning issues rather than anti-veg foodies.

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    This is fabulous!!These animal organizations are getting very smart. There is a new pro-animal site geared towards the press–totally free–that is massively distributing their pro-animal video. The video is showing up on MTV, NBC, etc. A CNN story that just aired is at

  9. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    I guess these lists would get boring if NYC was #1 every year, but come on. We’re totally the best. ;)

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    on #

    VegNews just published it’s 10 favorite vegan cities list too, and, don’t worry New York. You’re #1.

  11. Comment by


    on #

    @ Crystal and Susie

    I’m sorry if I offended both of you. You both seemed quick to defend and I wanted to let you know that I only said that off of my own experiences and opinions. I have been to New York and it seemed much more veg friendly. It might have been the neighborhood I went to, etc. Of course California does have great veg places to offer and I was simply stating that I was disappointed to see others ranked before New York.

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    I think it is rather obvious that PETA picked Albuquerque, New Mexico and other cities over NYC because they new they could get some good media attention for vegetarianism by doing so. Personally, I’d prefer the organizations I give money to to be smart enough to actually put promoting the cause over making whiny New Yorkers feel better.

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    PETA probably rated DC number one because they’re fairly close by in VA. Such a joke, though – I moved to NYC from DC and there is no comparison. That being said, they should have mentioned Asylum and Amsterdam Falafel, both in Adams Morgan. And Teaism – not vegetarian, but delicious veg choices. And for cripes sakes, what about Sticky Fingers??

  14. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #

    with you!

    Allen: tactically speaking, i think it makes more sense to just speak the truth — name the most veg friendly city, and then name the most up-and-coming veg-friendly city. that way PETA gives props where due, encourages non-veg friendly cities to up their game, and brings media attention to those cities who are trying.

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    If Ken pantsed Dominique, how would the girls know that HE had a birthmark on his butt?

  16. Comment by


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    @ Valerie

    Because Dominique is a boy.