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New York Times Talks Animal Law

Gela Kline; Maddy Tarnofsky, pet lawyer; Bobby; and Al Streit.

Gela Kline; Maddy Tarnofsky, pet lawyer; Bobby; and Al Streit.

A recent article in the New York Times points to the growing field of animal law, including the all too familiar controversy between landlords and residents with companion animals. The article discusses a case in which a trio of rescued pigeons nearly led to the eviction of both the pigeons and their rescuers, Gela Kline and Al Streit of Pigeon People, were it not for their pet lawyer Maddie Tarnofsky.

While the article addresses the changing perception of animals as having value beyond property, a careful distinction is made so as to assure the readers that the mainstream hasn’t gotten too radical:

“Many animal lawyers are careful to distinguish themselves from animal
rights advocates. Rather than agitating for the rights of pets — or
“companion animals” as animal lawyers prefer to call them — these
lawyers say they are concerned primarily with getting the legal
system to acknowledge that animals have an intrinsic value beyond
mere property, because of the bond between pets and their owners.”

Other aspects of animal law discussed include establishing animal trusts and veterinary malpractice.

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