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Newsweek Joins the Veg*n Feeding Frenzy

Filed under: California Food Media
Andrews kales in the kitchen.

Andrews kales in the kitchen.

This week’s Newsweek has a “My Turn” feature on a vegan wife and omni husband–and how they make it work. Despite “the occasional challenge,” Jenny Andrews claims she and husband Ken are stronger for their differences. But I think that’s because they haven’t yet fought over their five-month-old daughter Kiela’s diet. “We plan to let Kiela sample my vegan fare and Ken’s meat-inclusive menus so she can decide what to eat for herself,” Jenny writes. Except when it comes to spit-roasting a pig in the backyard, a first-birthday tradition from Ken’s Chinese-Japanese-Hawaiian side of the family. Jenny nixed the idea, but hasn’t yet chosen a faux roast; I say she should cook up some Sham.

Whether or not you think you could live with someone who enjoys eating fish’s eyes, this kind of flattering, high-profile portrait of tolerant, compassionate veganism can only help spread the good v-word. Plus it’s nice to see the media reporting on vegans without treating them as early-adopters of a hot new trend (ahem New York Times).

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    I am a vegan, married to an omni man, and we have decided to raise our 9 week old daughter as a vegan. My husband suspects that by the time he gets to explain to our daughter where his meat or cheese comes from, he may be, at the very least, a vegetarian. Having a child has reaffirmed my vegan lifestyle, and given him a lot to think about. The biggest opposition we face in raising our daughter vegan is from my family; no surprise, as they’ve balked at my lifestyle for nearly 20 years.