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North Carolina New Years Eve Live Possum Drop Blocked By Judge

The blessedly tiny image of the

The blessedly tiny image of the “Possumtron” possum-dropping device on the comic-sans heavy official page for Clay Logan’s Corner Store Possum Drop.

Continuing our dump on North Carolina day here at SuperVegan, we’re pleased that, to quote the AP, “possums can’t be dropped any more in illuminated balls on New Year’s Eve in Brasstown, North Carolina.

PETA had sued the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, which issues the permit for the event, saying it’s illegal and cruel.

“Citizens are prohibited from capturing and using wild animals for pets or amusement,” Judge Fred Morrison wrote in his ruling. The commission “had no authority to issue any permit to Logan for the unlawful public display of a native wild animal” at the drop, Morrison wrote.

Thanks for this one, PETA!

And lest you think this is some olde-timey tradition, naw, Clay’s Corner has only been doing this since the 1990s. Apparently the inspiration was a suggestion that “since the possum is Brasstown’s mascot of sorts, the town should have a live animal drop similar to the dropping of the ball in Times Square”. Of course. Totally makes sense. Why, it’s even a “non-alcoholic family event … We bring the possum to start the event and then the blessing and then we bring out the queens of the last ten years and show them off…and the church singing of songs and then the drop.” Sounds just like what goes down at Times Square every year.

(I learned via Wikipedia that they do an event in Tallapoosa, Georgia also called a Possum Drop, but as that event’s website loudly states, “We Do Not Use A Live Opossum. It Is Stuffed.” I’m not sure if that means a fake possum or a taxidermied one, and, well, maybe I don’t really want to know.)

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    You PETA idiots should be dropped. Thanks for wasting our tax payer dollars fighting for a useless opossum. Which by the way would taste amazing cooked in a little chardonay and onions. MMMMM! Opossum.