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Kate's Lands in Williamsburg!!

Kate’s Lands in Williamsburg!!

Quick Update: Follow up to my restaurant news post last week, turns out that the Williamsburg (well, South Williamsburg) location of Kate’s is opening TODAY! The new Kate’s is located at Berry Street and South 3rd Street.

Would someone please check the place out and let us know how the new digs compare to the Manhattan location? Thanks!!


  1. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    oooo, i’ll go. but when does it close? i can’t find anything else about it online. i can’t go until 10.

  2. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    That would be awesome, the gentleman at Kate’s in Manhattan says it should be open til 11pm! Thanks so much! Can’t wait for your report!!

  3. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    i think we might have been their only customers tonight! though there were quite a few people in there, they seemed to be having a quiet party type hang.

    it seemed kind of like they just took some stuff from the other kate’s and set it up in this space. the same menus, tables, chairs. the food was the same quality (that is to say, yummy and good!). they gave us a lot of foccacia, but that might have to do with their not having many people in tonight.

    it’s very small. there were only maybe 6 tables and a bar. they don’t have their liquor license yet. and they said they’ll be able to take credit cards starting tomorrow. and they had no awning! we would have missed it if we didn’t know it was there. it was between s 3rd and s 2nd. and they said they’ll only be open evenings (6-11) for a month or so.

    all in all, i am very excited to have kate’s on my side of the river. i’m a little afraid of how crowded it will get, but it’s close enough to my home to take out! i had a realization though, and it was brunch. it’s way too much for me to go all the way into manhattan early enough to get brunch. but now…. woot!

  4. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    Aww…thank you so much for checking out the new Kate’s and sharing with SuperVegan readers!! You’re awesome and I really can’t wait to try the new Kate’s myself. Wow, maybe I should move to Williamsburg – well, I’ll do that when you guys fix that damn L train!!! ;) Thanks again!!

  5. Comment by


    on #

    It is great to have Kate’s on the Williamsburg side of the river, but I think it’s got a way to go before it’s up to the Kate’s Joint (Manhattan) standard. Mind you, we all know that Kate’s isn’t haute cuisine (in any location), but this one needs to hone its skills a bit.

    I ordered the buffalo unchicken wings and the southern fried cutlet sandwich. The mashed potatoes and gravy that came with the sandwich were the best part of the meal. The coating on the unchicken wings fell off before they hit the sauce, while at the original Kate’s, it’s seamless. The southern fried cutlet sandwich was a bit on the bland side.

    That said, I am a diehard Kate’s fan (I know, hard to believe from this post) and I suppose I’m being hard on them because I have high expectations. I can’t wait until they start serving brunch because I love the Kate’s Benedict and the brunch deal is one of the best around.

    I’m sure these growing pains are not unusual and Kate’s will be consistent and reliable soon enough.

    Kate’s, welcome to the neighborhood! Thanks for coming.