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NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide Updates

I’m in the process of updating our superfantastic NYC Vegan Restaurant Guide. Thanks to Lollion for the robust list of Sunnyside/ Woodside/ Jackson Heights eateries! Thanks also to our friends Summer and Deidre; readers Anya, Zach, and Tiffany; and chef Cody at Papacitos Brooklyn!

We’ll continue with the resty guide updates, so if you don’t see the restaurant you tipped us off to, don’t worry, it’s on our to-do list. In the meanwhile, pretty please help keep me motivated on doing this lame data entry chore by leaving reviews of any new or old restaurants.


  • De Mole (Sunnyside)
  • Turkish Grill (Sunnyside)
  • Sripraphai Thai Restaurant (Woodside)
  • Jackson Diner (Jackson Heights)
  • Ariyoshi Japanese Restaurant (Sunnyside)
  • Brooklyn

  • Papacitos Brooklyn (Greenpoint)
  • Sweet Melissa (Park Slope/Cobble Hill)
  • Manhattan

  • Bread & Olive (Midtown)
  • Bread & Olive (Downtown)
  • Sukhadia’s Indian Vegetarian Gourmet (Midtown)
  • Khodiar Lunch Services (Midtown)
  • Maoz Vegetarian (NYU area)
  • I’ve updated the hours for Babycakes and Bushbaby.

    I’ve also updated the listings for Vinnie’s Pizza, Cafe Blossom, Candle Cafe, and Viva Herbal Pizzaria to reflect that they now serve Chicago Soydairy’s Teese vegan cheese.

    I can’t wait to add Tao Palate to our directory. Word on the street is that the sign on the yet-to-open eatery reads “Pan-Asian Vegan Cuisine.” Yippie! Located in the Prospect Heights/ Park Slope bordering space that recently housed Chocolate Monkey, it could possibly give Vegetarian Palate some healthy competition. Anyone know anything about this place or its owners?


    1. Comment by

      Jason Das

      on #

      Awesomeness. Thanks for getting all this done! (There have also been scattered other updates to the restaurant guide that haven’t been blogged, but people will find those as they find them.)

      I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that Tao Palate is the same owners as Vegetarian Palate. A more upscale approach … the Wild Ginger ripoff to complement their VPII ripoff.

    2. Comment by


      on #

      Fyi, Korhogo 126 in Brooklyn also has a vegan portion of its menu (and it’s really good!), as I delightfully discovered during Brooklyn Restaurant Week. Thanks for posting new places :)

    3. Comment by

      Laura Leslie

      on #

      Livi, you are totally made of awesome. Thank you!

      (I’ve been working on SV. I will have exciting new stuff soon, I promise! *feels guilty*)

    4. Comment by


      on #

      I saw the menu for Tao Palate and it’s identical to Wild Gingers, I understand it’s not a rip off that this is another branch by the same owners…yay!! Reading about this new place has totally got me craving Wild Ginger….going to go there tonight for dinner, can’t wait till it’s closer to home.

      Thanks for a great site!