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NYT Public Editor: “There is another side” to Death by Misinformation

“The mammary secretions, menstrual cycle by-products, and flesh made me do it.”

Kudos to New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt for recognizing that “there is another side” to the fact and logic-challenged (to say the least) “Death by Veganism” op-ed by Nina Planck. In his article published this past Sunday, “The Danger of the One-Sided Debate”, Hoyt notes that “The Times has not presented another view, or anything, on veganism on its op-ed pages for 16 years. There has been scant news coverage in the past five years.”

PCRM senior nutrition scientist Amy Lanou’s op-ed in response to Nina Planck’s piece was published by the Houston Chronicle on Monday. Apparently the New York Times op-ed section is too snooty to admit that they really fucked up since they didn’t publish Lanou’s op-ed.

Please email and thank Clark Hoyt for taking a stand for basic journalistic standards, and continue your letters to The New York Times opinion page.

Also of note: Nina Planck’s bio page on her personal website highlights that she “was Director of the famous Greenmarket, the largest network of farmers’ markets in the US.” But she oh-so-conveniently forgets to mention that she was fired after just 5 and a half months on the job. Insiders described Planck “as aggressive, slick, imperious, aloof and a poor listener.”

Maybe Nina can blame all of that on the animal products she eats.

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    Planck’s web site lists her credentials, which are all journalistic. She does not list any nutrition, health, or science credentials.

    It is bad that someone like that feels free to dismiss the famous ADA position paper on Vegetarianism.

    It is also bad that the NYT let such a person make the comments she did, without pointing out her lack of credentials.

    In my view, the NYT editor did the right thing with his editorial. He cleaned up the NYT’s mess and painted Planck, mostly, for what she is. An ignorant maven.