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NYU Cancels Vegan Night


Northwestern kicks NYU’s ass.

NYU has canceled its monthly vegan night at Hayden Dining Hall. They’ll still offer some monthly vegan options alongside their regular dining hall food; apparently they missed the part where those of us disgusted by animal cruelty tend to lose our appetites in the presence of animal corpses. Not to mention that the only reason we flocked to eat their crappy dining hall food was the novelty of being able to eat everything.

NYU’s got some kind of stupid excuse about “accomodating everyone,” as if it’s a burden for the poor omnivores to be served food that is better for their health, animals, and the environment for one night a month in one of many dining halls. According to NYU animal rights club SEAL, you can tell NYU how dumb this is, and ask them to bring back vegan night, by calling 212-995-3030 or emailing .

Not surprisingly, NYU didn’t even make the list in peta2’s poll of the most vegetarian-friendly colleges. #1 was Northwestern; see the whole list here.


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    Is this confirmed by the school and/or chef?

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    I went to NYU for 4.5 years and had a meal plan the entire time (gratis, thanks!) and this is all I can fondly remember: Sylvia the ID card swiping lady at Hayden who would sing to us that we were “the most beautiful in the whole cam-poos,” Seiko, the grill-master with the mostest, and some pretty sweet bling, and the hummus sandwich I ate EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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    This comment (question rather) is for SuperVegan’s Laura Leslie:

    May I know the source you have for saying that the NYU Vegan Nights are canceled??? I spoke with the Chef, Claudia, and she told me there’s no such thing, that the next one is December 20, 2007 and all subsequent ones are the third Thursday of each month through April 2008 except January. Please see the 3 messages about this matter here:

    Thank you. Adela

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    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Hi Adela,

    Your comment was in the wrong thread, so we’ve moved it to the correct one.

    Our source is SEAL (Students for Education and Animal Liberation), the NYU animal rights club which has been working with NYU to set up the vegan nights. Their latest newsletter says the following:

    “Did you know that Hayden dining hall has decided to discontinue vegan night? According to the dining services, vegan food will continue to be served in addition to other non-vegan menu items to accomodate everyone. Please contact dining services to express your discontent. Help us get vegan night back! 212-995-3030

    We’ll certainly check with them and NYU to see what’s actually going on.

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    NYU got 7th place in the voting last year and was nominated again this year.

    Falling out of the top ten is bad, but it’s an on-line voting competition! It’s not like Peta investigates and gives informed rankings on the different schools.

    Whether SEAL was misinformed or not, I am glad that they are spending their time being critical instead of what similar groups at the winning schools must have done which was to waste time and resources soliciting on-line votes from classmates for an arbitrary ranking system.

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    That sucks. One of my pet peeves is just that- the idea that omni’s can’t eat veg food the same way that vegans can’t eat omni food- wrong! It’s not a two-way street!