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Occupy Wall Street’s First Veterinary Campaign Needs Vegan Dog Food and Flea/Tick Meds

Darwin Animal Doctors Logo

Darwin Animal Doctors will provide veterinary consultations and basic care for animals at OWS

This is a general call for people to bring vegan dog food, vegan cat food, Frontline, and other pet supply donations to the Darwin Animal Doctors veterinary campaign at Occupy Wall Street this Sunday morning.

Humans aren’t the only ones occupying Wall Street. Most people don’t realize that the dogs of Wall Street have been right there alongside their fellow human OWS protesters this whole time. Many of them being very active participants.

(Photo from

These furry companions have been living in an outdoor public space, shared by countless humans and other animals, where intense events and weather have been happening for weeks. Some of these animals and their human companions are homeless. A veterinary campaign to serve these loyal animals is long overdue.

(Photo from

On Sunday, October 30th, from 11am to 12pm, Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD) will hold a veterinary campaign at OWS’s Zuccotti Park, on the south side of the park, near the Medical Tent.

DAD will provide two vet techs for animal consultations, and DAD volunteers will hand out basic necessities for the outdoor environment like flea/tick treatments, dog food, pamphlets on low-cost vet care resources for the city, and items like doggie beds to keep pets warm and comfortable in the park. But the supplies are limited, and DAD needs your help. At the campaign, DAD specifically need people to bring donations of more of the following to the park:

– Vegan dog food
– Vegan cat food
– Frontline or any flea/tick treatment
– Heartgard
– Dog-sized blankets
– Dog and cat toys
– Doggie beds
– Large tupperware containers to keep pet food sealed and protected from rodents

It’s getting cold outside. Help these brave companions stay fed, healthy, and warm!


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    We hope to keep the support for the animals going for the duration of the occupation. Food can be dropped off at Comfort at any time (after Sunday, when we get the Tupperware).


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    If you try to feed a cat a vegan diet, it will sicken and possibly die. Seriously, cats don’t have a choice, they are obligatory carnivores. If you don’t want to buy proper cat food, don’t get a fucking cat. (I say this as both a vegan and a cat lover.)

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    I don’t currently feed my cats vegan, however as long as the vegan cat food meets AAFCO standards I don’t see why you technically couldn’t. It would really depend on the cat and what you are feeding it. A lot of times synthetic taurine and vitamins are added back into cat food since they get lost during the processing of the food. However, you have to closely monitor your cat’s urine pH since plant proteins are more alkaline and can cause bladder issues. My cat has bladder problems as it is so I prefer not to risk it.