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OMG! Mike White Isn’t Vegan!

It’s been widely reported that directing-writing-acting superstar Mike White became vegan while working on Nacho Libre a few years ago. White’s new film Year of the Dog takes on animal rights issues head-on, so it’s fitting that the finer points of his veganism are coming up in interviews–and they’re hard to pin down. And so I bring you A Mike White “Vegan” Movie Media Mash-Up:

Coming Soon: As far as the animal activism and vegan elements in the movie, are you a vegan or was there anything you were trying to say with the movie about those issues?
Mike White: …I’m a dog lover and I don’t eat meat, but it was never my intention to like write a movie that was a call to animal activism, as much as that’s just where the story took it.

Chud: I read that you’re a vegan.
Mike White: Yeah. I’m an imperfect vegan.

Movies Online: Just to clarify something that was asked earlier, are you a vegetarian or a vegan or in and out?
Mike White: I’m an erstwhile vegan. I actually don’t eat meat or dairy, but I do eat fish. I don’t know why.

Uh, yeah, me neither. But it’s not like he’s the first celeb to adopt an extreme version of Frestonian veganism. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.


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    On one hand it’s cool that he’s doing a lot to promote veg*nism, but he shouldn’t be confusing the issue by saying that he’s an *anything* vegan – if you eat animals you’re not a vegetarian or a vegan. If you want the status of calling yourself veg*n then stop eating animals. Sheesh!

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    Maybe it shouldn’t be an issue of “wanting status.”

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    You want a bet he goes vegan?