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OMG! Vegan Fried Eggs!

Filed under: Food
Vegan or bust!

Vegan or bust!

Our friends over at Generation V have turned us on the creation of the first vegan fried egg in history! Called Sunny Side Up™, the vegan fried eggs were created by Yvonne and Tony Bishop-Weston of Foods for Life and are sold through Redwoods Whole Foods.

A marvel of modern vegan food technology, the eggs are made from tofu and ackee (a fruit from Jamaica), and have been fortified with omega 3 made from algae. Sounds kinda healthy and strange, but there’s proof that it’s good. Redwoods new Technical Director Fritz D’Embrio testifies, “We have market tested Sunny Side Up™ in transport cafes on the M1 and truck drivers have been unable to detect the difference.”

The press release reports “the Sunny Side Up™, will be available in Sainsburys, Tescos and Walmart (£4.99 – $8.99) as part of a Traditional British Breakfast pack that contains a vegan fried egg, ready fried vegan sausage, vegan rasher, saut éed mushrooms, Heinz baked beans, and melted vegan cheese on a toasted crumpet.” Mmmm…

We Americans will have to get over the fact that it’s not yet available in the US. However, vegan New Yorkers can enjoy the omelets at The Organic Grill in the meantime.

Update: SV reader Susan L. just sent an email informing me that she’s tried an Asian import version of this food and it was pretty awful. So Sunny Side Up may not be the world’s first vegan fried egg ever, but hopefully it’s the best.


  1. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    I heard thi was an april fools joke! I feel duped! anyone have any details?

  2. Comment by

    One World Day

    on #

    And Sunny side up will be part of the royal wedding menu