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Omnivore vegs out at Hawaii’s Blossoming Lotus

Filed under: Media Oregon Restaurants
Mark and Gabe, owners of Blossoming Lotus.

Mark and Gabe, owners of Blossoming Lotus.

Omnivore journalist Jeff Yang holidays in meat-loving Hawaii and finds himself craving vegetables. He writes:

Three days into the trip, even a committed carny like me is jonesing for veggies. And by the time we take the short hop from Oahu to Kauai for the second part of our trip, I’m ready to gnaw on Honolulu International Airport’s neatly landscaped shrubbery.

Fortunately for him, a fellow flight passenger directs him to Blossoming Lotus, a vegan world fusion restaurant with three locations (two in Kauai, HI and the other in Portland, OR). In his San Francisco Gate article, “Viva Las Vegans”, Jeff humorously extolls the greatness of the restaurant and talks about Asian-American culture and its relationship to food too.

All in all, I really enjoyed the article, but what’s the deal with this comment: “In fact, the only thing that doesn’t taste like chicken when you cook it is vegan ‘chikken.'”? I admit that a few of the mock meats out there aren’t that great, but c’mon! Though Jeff lives in NYC, its obvious he hasn’t yet been to all the superfabulous restuarants offering mock chicken. I’ve fooled omnis with the mock fried chicken from Vegetarian Palate.

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