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Otarian Veggie Fast-Food Opens on Bleecker Street

The newest kid on the vegetarian block is Otarian, a fast-food joint in Greenwich Village that opened Monday. These guys highlight carbon, rather than calorie, count. Fun/weird fact: I went up to get a napkin for my eats-like-a-two-year-old companion and was told that they are only allowed to give only one napkin per person. Great from an environmental standpoint, I guess, but can be a little difficult when you make a mess!

What do you think? Are they environmental geniuses? Hippies? Are they “saving the world one Otarian meal at a time,” as one counterperson said? Get over there and let us know when you leave a review!

(Pssst…Otarian Midtown opens Friday!)


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    It likes like a nice place to eat, but it seems ironic to go on about sustainability and yet still serve dairy. Still, I see they’re opening a couple of London locations so I’ll give it a try when it’s open!

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    I believe this is the restaurant chain owned by the Indian-Austrailian woman who wouldn’t let her construction workers eat meat while they built her $70 million dollar mansion.
    Great for the meat ban, booooo for pretending to be all about sustainability and building a $70 million dollar house. Find a link and read the specs on it, astonishingly decadent and not earth-friendly.

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    We’re so sustainable that we have a strict one napkin per person policy! But we still serve tons of dairy…

    No thanks; not for me. Plenty of vegan, sustainable options in the city.

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    J is right- Radhika is a fraud!Even if she had started a vegan chain i’dve had a hard time going there but no way for a vegetarian chain(btw, Radhika I am sure having grown up in India you’ve heard of Apurva Sangeetha or Saravana Bhavan so stop claiming yours is the first fast food chain in the world – unless those in India dont count for you in which case fuck u!). Ignore her NYC

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    That restaurant’s menus are more stealth about being vegetarian than I have ever been in mixed groups. I had constantly been wondering “real meat or not?” each time I saw a menu on the street.

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    al oof

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    that napkin thing is bs. at baskin robbins when i was in highschool, they were only allowed to give one napkin per customer, and it was entirely the owner being stingy (my friends worked there). they would reluctantly hand out more napkins if asked.

    if they wanted to be more sustainable, why not have cloth napkins that are big? i use one handtowel as my napkin at home for at least 4 meals before i need to wash it. i mean, they would have to wash it every time, but there are certainly sustainable ways to do that.