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Our Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Ice Cream in New York City

Watercolor by Jason Das.

Watercolor by Jason Das.

New York City is a mecca for vegan food, a place where you can find abundant ways to fill any craving. Today, let’s zero in on the many ways to fulfill your desire for ice cream!

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (100% Vegan)
They’re a good spot for the soy-averse as most of their ice cream is nut-based. All Lula’s ice cream is house-made and they have an array of daily rotating flavors that would make Ben and Jerry jealous. Soft-serve, egg creams, malts, shakes, and sundaes are also available, along with a slew of classic ice cream toppings.
Also available at: Cafe Blossom, Foodswings, and John’s of 12th St.
Must try: Cake Batter Soft-Serve

Stogo (100% Vegan)
A nice choice for those averse to nuts or refined sugar as most flavors are soy- or coconut-based and sweetened with agave. All the ice cream is house-made and they have a wide assortment of flavors laid out like a gelato stand. They also carry Babycakes‘ cupcakes. This is a good place for something light or something rich, with choices ranging from fruit sorbet to rich hemp-based flavors.
Also available at: Caravan of Dreams
Must try: Salted Caramel Pecan

We New Yorkers are lucky to have these two 100% vegan ice parlors, but there are dozens of other places in town serving vegan ice cream or ice-cream-like stuff. Read on for a comprehensive list.

Klein’s Ice Cream House
Klein’s has two storefront locations, one in Borough Park and the other in Midwood. Klein’s has their own lines of both Kosher dairy and certified-vegan soy-based ice creams, reminiscent of Baskin-Robbins—think bright green mint chip ice cream. The shops also have a parve/dairy-free toppings bar, homemade waffle cones, pre-made and custom-order vegan sorbet or ice cream cakes and ice cream confections, such as chocolate eclair bars, magic shell ice cream bars, sundae cups, and Viennese cake.
Also available at: Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, Red Bamboo, Healthy Nibbles, Vegetarian Palate, Natural Blend, Scoops, Soy and Sake, and Zen Vegetarian House.
Cakes and confections also available at: the Kosher Marketplace, Pomegranate Grocery.
Must try: Get a vegan waffle cone coated with dark chocolate and nuts with the ice cream of your choice, topped with parve peanut-butter fudge and sprinkles.

Little Lad’s Basket
Vegan ice cream in the Financial District, say what? Step into the New York outpost of this Maine-based eatery to try their original Nice Cream. You can choose from classic flavors or try their vanilla with homemade pie blended in. Nice cream is available by the cup, as a sundae, or in pints from the freezer in the front.
Must try: Cherry or Blueberry Pie Nice Cream

Maze’s Creamery
House-made vegan ice cream in Staten Island! They offer ice creams based on soy, hemp, and coconut milk, as well as unique sorbet flavors served on a rotating basis. Alas, this shop also serves dairy. All products are available in take-home gallon or four-liter pans and can be ordered in cups, cones, and sundaes.
Must try: Hemp Maple Walnut

Simply Peeled
They serve house-made Fruizo, a soft-serve creamy fruit in seasonal varieties unlike anything else in NYC. All flavors are vegan, free of gluten or corn syrup, and less than 100 calories. Fruizo is available by the cup, shake, or in a take-away pint.
Must try: Fruit Salad Sundae—3 flavors of Fruizo topped with fresh fruit

NYC ICY has a storefront in Brooklyn and a stall in the East Village with a rotating roster of around 200 flavors, 20 available at a time, of which half are labeled as vegan sorbets.
Must try: Cotton Candy

Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella has ice cream stands at Grand Central Station, on the UES, Nolita, and at the World Financial Center that serve dairy ice cream, but more importantly, offer a rotating menu of 22 unique flavors of vegan sorbet, all sweetened with evaporated cane juice. You can buy it by the scoop or by the pint.
Must try: a scoop of Blackberry Cabernet with a scoop of Dark Chocolate

Like it raw? House-made raw ice cream is available from Bonobos, One Lucky Duck, One Lucky Duck (Chelsea Market) (available by the pint), Pure Food and Wine, and Quintessence.

Looking for a milkshake? Give Foodswings, Café Blossom, ‘sNice, Terri, or Franchia (seasonal tea milkshakes topped with whipped cream) a whirl. You can even grab a frappucino at Starbucks—it’s vegan as long as you get it made with soy milk and no whipped cream.

Want a sundae after dinner? If you’re looking for a place where you can eat dinner and get a scoop of ice cream, try Blossom, V-Note, Wild Ginger, Vegetarian Ginger, Buddha Bodai, Sacred Chow, Josie’s, Organic Grill, Candle Café, Dao Palate, or V-Spot.
If you want it made in-house with your meal try Kyotofu’s soy milk soft ice cream, Pure Food and Wine’s raw sundae, or Candle 79’s divine cinnamon ice cream!

If you’re looking for something cold and tasty off the beaten path, try Tease’s Baltimore Snowball-shaved ice (available with tapioca pearls), Popbar’s organic house-made sorbet popsicles, or Atlas’s Tofutti “Blizzards” with tons of mix in options.

Check out the ice cream category of our NYC restaurant directory for a map and more info on the places mentioned.

What’s your favorite ice cream stop? Tell us about it below!


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    Cathy (insert whine here), stop making me such a fatty! Just when I thought I knew every i/c spot in the city…

    But how have I never realized Klein’s had peanut butter fudge? Must make up for lost time!

    One more thing: have to add a “must try” for Terri’s butterfinger shake. Other than than, Lula’s for life!

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    This is the best SuperVegan post yet. Bravo, Cathy!

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    I’m a huge fan of Maze’s on Staten Island! Not the most vegan friendly borough so this place was a pleasant surprise. The owners are great and are really open to suggestions and educating themselves about vegan products. And the Soy Pistachio is fantastic!

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    on #

    i love lula’s and stogo! thanks for this!

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    on #

    Caravan of Dreams serves Stogo’s fresh made coconut milk ice cream in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and soy milk ice cream in Caramel Salted Pecan and Bananas Foster. The best vegan ice cream around!

    And perfect after patatas bravas and paella!