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  1. Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 9.44.10 PM

    Last we heard, the USDA had trapped hundreds of wild geese in Jamaica Bay for slaughter. Now, they have their sights set of the wild turkeys of Staten Island. Beginning yesterday,the USDA has lured the turkeys to their death using pellets to attract them to large nets, capturing and crating them for removal. GooseWatchNYC and community leader John Mancuso are holding an emergency rally tomorrow at noon to protest the USDA’s cruel actions.

    Where: Seaview Ave and Father Capodanno Blvd., Staten Island (See Map)
    12 PM Noon, Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    If you’re free, please come out and join them.

  2. Designer Nicora Johns‘ cruelty-free, eco-friendly, made in the U.S.A. shoe line is almost 60% funded on Kickstarter and there are only 5 days left for them to reach their goal by August 18th, and for you to get incredibly cute vegan shoes. I mean, just look at some of these designs:


    I would wear all of those shoes, especially those lace-up boots! Nicora Johns offers women’s and men’s sizes, depending on the design, and pledges start at $5. All pledges come with a reward, but shoe rewards start at the $85 pledge level. The company aims to ” … bring you quality handmade shoes while bringing jobs back to the United States through environmentally-sound production and affordable pricing.” Sounds like a noble cause, and we can’t argue with the fact that all of their designs are made without animals.

    So if you’re in the market for some cute fall flats or boots, or you just want to help out an awesome company, contribute to their Kickstarter page and get yourself a little something.

  3. TCBY-SilkIt looks like all 350+ TCBY locations are now serving Silk-branded almond-based frozen yogurt, though details may depend somewhat on the local franchisee.

    Go Dairy Free, in a post aimed more at the allergy crowd has a bunch of further details (and they actually tasted the stuff; they like it!).

    There is also some social media sweepstakes thing going on around the new product, if you like that kind of thing.

    I’m assuming that the cultures used are not dairy-based, but you might want to check on that.

    The press release contains zero mention of anything to do with veganism, or any acknowledgement that some customers might have an ethical problem with dairy, but I suppose that’s to be expected from a giant dairy chain. No doubt, if this stuff sells well, they and other large chains will invest even more in dairy-free products.

    This is definitely good news in that it presumably means less dairy will be purchased (unless they’re banking on a reverse-veto halo effect, and they’ll sell more dairy because dairy-free eaters will now want to go to TCBY their with dairy-eating friends?). Of course, ethical eaters may wish to minimize patronizing giant amoral MadrigalElectromotive-like conglomerates such as TCBY parent Mrs Fields Famous Brands, and Silk’s parent Dean Foods. But hey, it will be a great day when McDonald’s adds more vegan options, too, even if you never eat there yourself!

    Thanks to our good friend Jessica of NYC Veggie Prom and Vegan Conquest for letting us know about this.

    Update: As careful-reading commenter Charie points out, the Go Dairy Free interview with Reno TCBY owners Vince & Marlene says “It is not only a dairy-free frozen yogurt, but also soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.” So there’s the “v” word from the local franchisee end, anyway.


  4. veganshopaug

    Summer is winding down, which means soon going to the Vegan Shop-Up will feel like navigating a sea of puffy winter coats. The monthly event returns this Saturday, August 10th at their usual location, Pine Box Rock Shop, from 12-6pm. Admission is still free, and the vendors are still as awesome as ever. Fill up on cruelty-free food, drink, home and beauty items, and of course Bloody Marys from the bar. If you haven’t been, get it in before the weather turns cold!

  5. BlytheBoyd

    The profile pic from @BlytheAnnBoyd‘s Twitter account. Dang that looks tasty.

    At 3pm today, a new ice cream shop will open at the site once occupied by Lula’s Sweet Apothecary,  516 East 6th Street (between Avenues A & B) in the East Village. The owner is Blythe Boyd, who was a founder and owner of Lula’s. She lost the name/brand, but kept the recipes and the lease on the space. And after many months of everyone wondering what the heck was going on, now we can go find out!

    There doesn’t seem to be any official source for the opening information, let alone a website for the new place, but lots of social media announcements from people who would know all make the same announcement. So either it’s true, or somebody stole Boyd’s phone and decided to play a cruel trick on all of her friends (and every ice-cream loving vegan in NYC).

    Lula’s Sweet Apothecary had a long, slow, confusing closing, from the owners’ very public legal dispute in January to the “we are unable to open today” in early May that, it turns out, lasted several months. Reliable information was scarce. The ice cream itself was still being made, and was served without Lula’s branding at Sustainable NYC. But the ice cream parlor experience, and the myriad toppings were a big part of what made Lula’s great.

    We’re pretty confident this new place will be great, too. Can’t wait to go check it out!