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Parked: Gowanus Food Truck Festival this Monday May 31 at the Brooklyn Yard

Here's a sketch I did at the Yard a few summers ago. See larger, etc.

Here’s a sketch I did at the Yard a few summers ago. See larger, etc.

If you’re in town this Memorial Day weekend, drop by Parked, the Gowanus Food Truck Festival on Monday the 31st at the Brooklyn Yard. Admission is free, the Yard is a really nice spot (especially if you like canals and old bridges as much as I do), and there will be some otherwise disparate and elusive vegan eats on offer.

Sure, there will be disgusting crap like fried chicken and ice cream, but we also get the Green Pirate Juice Truck, Rickshaw Dumplings (who offer yummy vegan dumplings), and a chance to see if the muchlauded Cinnamon Snail lives up to the hype.

I suspect there may be some other vegan food, too (unspecified Greenpoint Food Market vendors will be there), but you’ll have to go and find out.

The Yard is located at 400 Carroll St between Bond & Nevins, in Brooklyn, NY.

(Some of you might also want to visit the Yard a couple of days before for the SCORE! Pop-Up Swap to exchange your old clothes and housewares for somebody else’s.)

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