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Parmela, A Delicious Food Accessory

Like a cute piece of jewelry or if you’re a hipster, a fedora, but for your food and tasty!

I’m talking about a new and exciting product called Parmela. It is a glass bottle (yes, that’s right, I said glass!) full of Vegan parmesan cheeese! It is good. So good that I’ve dumped it by the truckload on two meals in one day. I’ve tried it on pasta (YUM), I’ve tried it on garlic bread (YUM) and I’ve tried it on soup (YUM) and it was YUM to the third power.

It’s also the mouth-child of a couple of lovely locals that I can’t say enough nice things about, so I won’t say any.
Made from almonds, cashews, nutritional yeast, fermented soybean, soy sauce and veg. lactic acid, this stuff is leaps and bounds above a dash of nutritional yeast on it’s own or that stuff I used to use in the cardboard tube. It’s got a depth of flavor that previous subs have lacked. When the bottle is empty, which, at this rate, might be as early as tomorrow, I will wash and refill it with my salty salty tears.

Try it and let me know what you think, K? I especially want to hear about some creative, non-obvious uses. Request it at your local Whole Foods, and in the meantime, here’s a list of all the stores that carry Parmela.

In Southern California:
Figueroa Produce Market in Los Angeles
Locali in Hollywood
Viva La Vegan in Rancho Cucamonga
Grassroots Natural Market in South Pasadena
Pacific Coast Greens in Malibu
Beach Health Tree Natural Foods in Long Beach
Irvine Ranch Market in Costa Mesa
Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park -coming soon

In Northern California:
Never Felt Better in Sacramento, CA

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in Prescott, AZ
Four Seasons Natural Foods in Saratoga, NY
Sidecar For Pigs Peace in Seattle, WA
Central Coop in Seattle, WA
Nooch Vegan Market Denver, CO
Eco-licious in Charlotte, NC – coming soon
Foodtown in Cedar Grove, NJ
Foodtown in North Haledon, NJ
Basil Bandwagon in Flemington, NJ
Food Fight! Grocery in Portland, OR
Vegan Freak in Denton, TX online store

PS- According to The Flavor Bible, my new favorite book, here’s a list of things that go with parmesan (meats excluded): basil, fava beans, dates, fennel, figs, stone fruits, garlic, grapes, melon, mushrooms, olive oil, pasta, pears, pizza, risottos, thyme, balsamic vinegar, and walnuts


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    on #

    Just bought some on vegan essentials! This Italian vegan is excited!!

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    Ok, I finally had it, nothing interesting, just on pasta. But my god, it was good! Actually, I ate most of it just straight out of the jar.

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    Haha! Glad you N’joy’d it, Stacy. I’ve been rationing mine…