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Passover: Why Is This Seder Different from All Others?

Matzoh ball soup!

Matzoh ball soup!

It’s Passover time and thanks to the interweb this no longer has to mean fashioning a Passover meal out of charoset and part of the seder plate, i.e. bitter herbs/parsley, salt water, and a football field length of matzo.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz has posted a matzoh ball soup recipe and also guest blogged at Heeb ‘n Vegan to serve up seder plate alternatives to lamb and egg. Here’s a site with potato kugel and charoset recipes, and PETA has created a Passover site that includes lots of recipes and reading. Also, the Vegetarian Resource Group sells the small cookbook Vegan Passover Recipes. And finally, there’s my personal favorite, chocolate-covered matzo.


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    There will also be a “mystic passover celebration”–raw vegan, obvs–this evening at 6pm at Ben Zion’s Tea Room, 14 E 28th Street. $63 at the door. And check out Isa on LenLo’s Monday matzo show.

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    Are there any vegan seders in NYC that i would be able to attend? I’m a college student, away from home. I have a couple resources through my school and friends having family seder’s for passover, but i’d like to avoid the awkwardness and find a vegan seder in NYC.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    thank you