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Penny Strategist – $3.99 All-You-Can Pile Lunch at Little Lad’s Basket

All this for just $3.99. Photo by: jrydin

All this for just $3.99. Photo by: jrydin

It’s no secret that it takes more than a few pretty pennies to live in NYC. SuperVegan is debuting a regular feature – the SuperVegan Penny Strategist – to serve as a playbook to help all you starving vegans/cheap bastards get by with a satisfied stomach as part of our non-court ordered community service. Maybe now you’ll have enough money for a room in (“East”) Williamsburg that will actually fit your twin size bed. Perhaps even with a window. Regrettably, we still can’t get you laid.

The stock market may be a mess, but Wall Street types can still score a good deal with the no frills weekday vegan lunch buffet at Little Lad’s Basket. Located on the lower level of an unassuming office building at 120 Broadway, off Pine Street, this Seventh Day Adventist-owned joint offers simple, homey cuisine that offers the best dining out deal in New York City.

For just $3.99, you get a plate and a bowl to fill up with your picks from its hot bar, salad bar, dessert station, and soup pots. Options change daily, so every visit is a surprise! Some examples of past offerings include: shepherd’s pie, veggie meat chilli, lentil stew, mashed sweet potatoes, casseroles, and chocolate pudding.

For best food selection, arrive by 1:30pm. Little Lad’s Basket is closed on weekends and public holidays. For details, directions, and more info and to leave a review, visit the restaurant’s page in our vegan restaurant directory!


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    on #

    I love Little Lad’s! I’ve only been there once, but it was a memorable experience. Did you try the “need-um”?

  2. Comment by


    on #

    I love Little Lad’s Basket, but the information you have about their schedule is wrong. I sent an email to you guys about this but nothing has been done so far. It’s as follows:

    Little Lad’s Basket opens at 7:30,
    the buffet closes at 2:40,
    the kitchen closes at 3:30,
    and they close shop at 5.

    This means that after 2:40 there are trays of prepared food and sandwiches you can pick up after the buffet has been cleared, but at 3:30 all that would be available are beverages and snacks like pastries and popcorn out in the front.
    Update please! I don’t want people making the mistake on coming too late like I once did and missing out on good food!

  3. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    Hi Ligo, thanks for the detailed tips. I’ve made the changes and credited you for the great tips. I usually recommend folks to get there by 1:30pm (as I did in this post) in order to take full advantage of the lunch buffet. Please do keep your tips coming and even though you profess your love for Little Lad’s here, you didn’t leave them a review on their restaurant page! Please do take a moment to do so, thanks!!! :)

  4. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    Marie: no idea what the “need-um” is. I definitely will check it out next time I’m there! Thanks!