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PETA Talked, Ralph Listened

Claudia Schiffer in Ralph Lauren suit

Claudia Schiffer in Ralph Lauren suit

There has been another victory in the war on fur. A few days ago, Polo Ralph Lauren, a fashion and lifestyle powerhouse, announced fur will be eliminated from its clothing and home product lines. Not since the mid-1990s when Calvin Klein “shed” such products has a major fashion house disregarded fur.

Months of negotiations allowed PETA to sway the successful company to see the light. A RL company spokesperson said, “We are publicly announcing this decision because the use of fur has been under review internally and we feel that the time is right to take this action.”

The Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation sent PETA a signed statement of assurance acknowledging its intent to pull all advertising for fur, cancel all pending orders for fur products, and beginning with its holiday 2006 collections, no longer sell any fur products.

Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential fashion designers. With Polo Ralph Lauren on board the fur-free fashion front, fur-consciousness is greatly elevated. “This is one of the biggest victories in the fur campaign,” PETA said. The decision sends an enormously powerful message to image-obsessed consumers (from high-profile to everyday casual) and the ever-evolving fashion industry.

While conducting research for this story, I was delighted to discover other popular brands have also dropped fur. Within the past year, PETA convinced, “J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and The Limited (including all the company’s brands, such as Victoria’s Secret) to pull fur from their stores forever!”

As a fashionisto, I’m absolutely, undeniably thrilled to see such change take place. I will write to Ralph Lauren and thank him for this decision. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
650 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022

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