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Photos of the 2009-2010 Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign So Far

The SSCS ship the Bob Barker, surrounded by whaling ships (Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur)

The SSCS ship the Bob Barker, surrounded by whaling ships (Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur)

AR photographer Jo-Anne McArthur has been documenting the Sea Shepherd Antarctic campaign this year, and many of her pics are now up at her website.

She’s been taking photos from Sea Shepherd’s heretofore secret ship, the Bob Barker. So you’ll see a lot in these photos that you haven’t been able to follow just from the press releases of the campaign.

You’ll see things that happened to the Bob Barker well before its existence was made public. You’ll see the crew getting the ship ready for the campaign, you’ll see the ship getting surrounded by whaling ships, and you’ll watch the Bob Barker crew rescuing the crew of the Ady Gil after the Shonan Maru #2 rammed the Ady.

If you’re like me and some of your best friends are on those ships, these pics will seriously brighten your day.


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    sea shepherd, paulie watson and everybody who supports them are assholes.

  2. Comment by

    Melissa Bastian

    on #

    Dear Sealer, would you care to substantiate that in any way? Or are you strictly a troll trying to piss people off by saying something so ridiculous, idiotic, and unfounded? (Ooh, I do believe I’ve answered my own question – and expended more than enough energy already on this particular commenter.)

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    on #

    Great pics – please send more !!!
    A shame the impotent sealer loser make such a fool of himself.

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    on #

    I eat seal, caribou, porpoise, whale and many other creatures.

    all vegans are deluded…what do you think canine teeth are for??

    Again,,sea shepherd and those who support them are ASSHOLES!!

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    on #

    Intentionally killing the largest mammal on earth is criminal.
    I support anyone who raises this conscioussness.
    Please let the Japanese Embassy know how you feel about this.

  6. Comment by


    on #

    Assholes eh, well you should intimately know as you’re head is stuck up yours.
    If its canada then the typical sealer is a social welfare basket case – a continual parasite on other productive canadians.
    It’s no use of moving these retards to find gainful employment elsewhere as most only can ‘boast’ of a grade 8 education.
    A seal has demonstratedly more intelligence than a typical sub-grade club swinging neanderthal sealer.

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    I wouldn’t waste any more time on sealer, Mick.
    I would be willing to bet that his feet are much smaller than his ego LOL

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    Hey Mick,,you’re a fuckin tool!.

    Eat shit!

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    Just look at that fat bastard paulie wat-son-of-a-bitch..there’s no way in hell that bloated pig is a vegan. I never heard of an obese vegan …did you????
    He’s so full of Hollywood steaks and bullshit it’s not even funny.
    Anyone who supports s/s is an out-of touch, God Damned Fool!!!!

    As for the ignorant Mick,, ever even see a seal / whale there in your urban wasteland?? It’s uninformed assholes like you who make real conservationalists cringe.

    You know nothing about which you speak..go back down to yo mamas basement and jerk off to some porn you fucking asshole!

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    on #

    Thanks for the shout-out all of the ‘retards’.

    I guess you don’t support the special olympics or the downs syndrome society or autism or any othe HUMAN CHARITIES.

    Glad to see you have your priorities straight.

    I find your insensitivity and choice of words extremely distasteful.

    I hope your cruel language doesnot represent all vegans??

  11. Comment by


    on #

    I find your insensitivity and choice of words extremely distasteful.
    I hope your cruel language doesnot represent all vegans??

    Yea, sealer retard is an little outspoken and excitable – poor uneducated heap of crap he is.

  12. Comment by

    Melissa Bastian

    on #

    Mick: you’re not helping.

    Sealer: don’t you have something better to do than hang out on websites which support ideals with which you clearly do not agree?

    “Retard”, a username which I assume you chose for this specific conversation: no, this is most definitely NOT a representation of all or even most vegans. I should hope that such word choice would only come from a small minority of any group of people. Please look to the recent wave of vegan bake sales for Haiti to assure yourself that vegans are most certainly concerned with human welfare as much as animal welfare (*completely* different issue of course, but hopefully you see my point).