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Please Don’t Feed the Bears. Feed Me Instead!

Please Don’t Feed the Bears ($7) is the latest vegan cookbook released by the wonderful folks at Microcosm Publishing. The book compiles some of editor Abjorn Intonsus’ favorite recipes in a punky, zine-like format that is wonderfully unique.

Intonsus treats us to kick-ass recipes for a worldly selection of good foods rarely seen together in a single cookbook. Within the 160 pages, you’ll find fairly simple recipes for dishes with fun names like Dehumanization Roast, Big Bear Berbere, Road Rash Skillet, Killer Kofta Balls, Viva Zapata Chalupas, and Warzone Calzone. Each recipe comes with a suggested esoteric song to play while cooking, but the chances that you have this music are a million to one.

I tried the Cop-Shop Special and they were the 2nd best donuts I’ve had since becoming vegan. Vegan Treats donuts are best, but these certainly weren’t bad for an amateur venture. Perhaps they would have been better had I played Blessed Death instead of substituting with Operation Ivy.

What I enjoy most about Please Don’t is its brilliant randomness. Humorous drawings of bears and other wildlife dot the pages. There’s a “Heavy Metal is the Law” crossword puzzle to keep you busy as you wait for your dough to rise. And finally, there’s the tattoo gun recipe, which is just priceless.

If you’ve got enough page flags to tame this wild, unindexed book and are looking to explore the joys of punk vegan cooking, then Please Don’t Feed the Bears is the cookbook for you!


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    on #

    I have an old version of this with a different cover…i wonder if this is a reprint of that, or is it a compilation of recipes from the one I have plus other issues of that ‘zine?

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Yeah this is a compilation of several (possibly all, but don’t quote me on that) issues of the zine into a 150ish paged square-bound book. As a bonus, it’s not really indexed or anything.