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Posh’s Lambs Destined for Gordon’s Plate

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, is pissed that a pair of lambs Gordon Ramsey entrusted to her care for “a bit of a holiday” are actually being fattened up in preparation for his “F-Word” show’s season finale. Posh, “a devout vegetarian” according to her amazing spokespeople, is “distraught” over the situation. PETA has gotten involved, and is trying to rally support to save the lambs.

It’s nice to see Posh showing some emotions–and here I thought robots couldn’t cry. I stand corrected. Girl power!


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    Has anybody read any of the comments posted to SF Gate’s article (first link in this post.)

    I had to stop reading after about six comments. What a bunch of stupid tw*ts.

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    I totally read a few of them and almost puked. Did you see the one guy who thinks global warming is a scam thought up by “the white man”? Haha.

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    Oh, and the guy who believes we’re supposed to eat meat because of our “massive” canines. (Ever look at a gorilla’s mouth? THEY’RE totally vegetarian! Whether we’re meant to eat meat or not aside, the canine argument is so dumb that I can barely stand it.) Plus, the one who thinks that most animals are raised outdoors in the rest of the world. Ah, that would be the dream. There are also a few people making fun of Posh Spice (boy, do I feel dumb writing her name) for getting emotional over the lambs, which she’s had frolicking on her yard all this time. If they were dogs, would these people feel the same way? I doubt it…dogs are SPECIAL.