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Presenting the New York City Vegan Restaurant Graveyard

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead from all of us at Team SuperVegan! We’ve been busy in our lairs and dungeons and mad science labs, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the New York City Vegan Restaurant Graveyard. This is a special section of our site providing an eternal resting place for all the restaurants in our database that have closed. Old reviews remain visible, and you can still leave new ones– eulogize your martyred heroes and curse your vanquished foes in the war for decent eats.

Some notable recent additions include Zen Palate’s Union Square location (they just closed, citing an “unreasonable rent increase”) and Brooklyn Heights mainstay The Green’s.

The Graveyard is currently populated with places that have closed since we started SuperVegan in early 2006. Over time, we may add older places that live on in our hearts. (O Bachué! O Helianthus! How I miss thee!) Where do restaurants go when they die? Now you know.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!


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    thank god the sanctuary closed. that place was horrible

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Well, Sanctuary was wonderful for a couple years, then it got horrible. At some point they lost their menu, chef, and waitstaff, and switched to a gross health-food cafeteria model with lots of proselytizing. By the time they closed they were so atrocious it was hard to care. But I really did like that place for a while … probably the best burger and fries in the city, as well as some really yummy pan-asian plates. Does anyone know the story? Did all the cool people leave the cult or something?

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    RIP Veg City Diner!

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    am i the only fool who still misses Black Eyed Susies? that bread and spread that came to your table before you were even able to sit down burned a forever fond memory in my heart.