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Press Conference Tuesday Re Wild Animals in Circuses

Tom Rider, former Ringling Bros. employee

Tom Rider, former Ringling Bros. employee

Join the League of Humane Voters of New York City at noon tomorrow to support Intro 389, which would ban the use of elephants and other wild animals in circuses. Reps from the Humane Society of the United States and In Defense of Animals, as well as former Ringling Bros. employee Tom Rider, will be among those voicing their support of council member Rosie Mendez’s bill. The conference will take place outside Madison Square Garden at 33rd St. and 7th Ave., near Borders bookstore.

LOHV-NYC is also asking people to call their council members on Thursday, March 20, to urge them to support the bill. (Thursday’s the first day of the new Ringling Bros. show.) To find your rep’s contact info, call 212-889-0303.

Update: I couldn’t make it, but here’s a peek at the press conference from Gothamist. Our very own Patrick Kwan (now working for HSUS) was quoted as saying that the bill will “end the cruel transport, abusive training, and inhumane conditions of elephants and other endangered or threatened animals in circuses.”

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