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Pulmuone Wildwood Doesn’t Want You to Taste the Tofu

I guess it does look pretty boring.

I guess it does look pretty boring.

The Orange County Register reports soy-giant Pulmuone Wildwood is aiming to revolutionize the struggling tofu industry for American tastes. U.S. sales of plain tofu have leveled off in the last few years. Korean Pulmuone and Californian Wildwood merged in November in an effort to revitalize the market with more prepared and frozen entrees: “stuffed tofu manicotti, soy ‘riblets,’ tofu pizza.” Americans are more aware than ever of the health benefits of soy (and that it totally makes you gay) and Pulmuone Wildwood seems poised for success with this new junk-food angle on health.

Personally I don’t have a beef with tofu, but I can’t say I prefer the plain stuff over the smoked Soy Boy. I’m certainly not one to complain about convenience foods, or about the American diet status quo taking steps in the right direction, but the article doesn’t mention if these products will be vegan-frendly — and I’m not holding my breath on that one.


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    In case you missed NYMag’s Sandwich of the Week (Tofu). Looks pretty good, but “Smells Like a Hamburger?” Gross.

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    wildwood stuff is always vegan! i always buy their products cause they are produced locally for where i live.

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    I recently bought a package of Wildwood firm tofu in an 18 oz tub at the local Korean market here top the Ozark Plateau.
    Can’t find the receipt now but is wasn’t expensive.

    Going to poke around the Web recipes again and give the stuff a try.

    Hoping for the best… I am definitely not the greatest cook around thought I can cook pancakes and mashed taters pretty good.

    Oh, and mac and cheese but due to dietary restrictions had to cut out the noodles, macaroni, etc. I crave.

    I guess pasta is a catch-all term for this high-carb bearing taste tempting yummies of yore.