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Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro: A Bright Spot On The Surface Of The Sun

Filed under: Food Las Vegas Restaurants

If you are a naughty Vegan who has been found guilty of being terrible and are sentenced to the Hell Pit that is Las Vegas, look on the other blindingly bright side; at least delicious Vegan food is plentiful.

The best all-Vegan restaurant is Pura Vida, and not just because it’s off-strip. It’s off-strip in a way that is so strip-less it’s not even dressed.

This is a breakfast, lunch and brunch place (closed Thursdays) helmed by Chef Mayra who is so good I can’t imagine why she’s condemned there.

Ate & Rate:

The Latin’Tude Burrito

Southwest fusion burrito filled with black beans, refried beans, soy-riso, tofu scrambles, vegan cheese, avocado, veggies, onions, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, roasted organic potatoes with poblano peppers.

This thing was huge and beautiful and delicious. I mean, just look at it– need I type anything? I mean, it had a friggin’ lavender sprig sticking out of it! That is classy. For an Angeleno who has a high bar when it comes to Mexican food, this made me wish Pura Vida was more local to my mouth.

Cuban Puff Pastries

This was a brunch special and I was warned would take 20 extra minutes to prepare. 20 minutes in Las Vegas time could mean 8th degree burns over 1730% of your body, and we were anxious to hit the road, but these were calling my name. Luckily we had a nice seat inside and a Tropical Smoothie to while away the time. These were so good. I demolished them. The puff pastry was so light and crisp and delicious. The filling was meaty and spicy and delicious. The cheeesy sauce on top was delicious and delicious and delicious.

They also have sweet things like chocolate pancakes, waffles and cakes that look incredible, but I saved those for next time I’m bad.

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