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Pus, Pimples & Poo. Or, Nutrition Info From Dr. Michael Greger

The indomitable Dr. G

The indomitable Dr. G

Just by being vegan, we eat a much healthier diet than if we were omnis or even vegetarians. But there’s always new information waiting to be discovered. Is spirulina good for you? Is MSG harmful? Which are healthier, red onions or white ones? The answers to these and more probing questions await you in two new nutrition DVDs from Dr. Michael Greger, director of public health and animal agriculture for HSUS.

In Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2007, Dr. G reveals horrifying facts such as that we might already have cancer cells growing within us in the womb (yikes!). The good news is that by eating well, we can slow down their growth; only three spinach leaves a day can make a difference! (I did not know that.) Other gems: As far as lung cancer’s concerned, one joint is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Spirulina and blue green algae contain neurotoxins that can lead to Alzheimer’s. A handful of nuts a day can cut your cardiac risk in half. And the good doctor has this to say about the fiber-loving ways of vegans: “Vegans are just regular people.” Argh! (Actually, I enjoy his corny sense of humor. I hope you do too, because the DVDs are rife with it!)

In the 2008 edition, Dr. Greger uses a quiz show format to introduce such questions as: Is MSG harmful, harmless or helpful? (Harmless.) Which is healthier, black beans or pinto beans? (Black.) And he offers up facts like: U.S. milk has the highest allowable pus content in the world (yum!); some vitamins will actually make you die faster; and because of the dioxins they contain, aquacultured fish can be considered…farmed and dangerous (d’oh!).

Each 90-minute DVD contains a TON of info, which normally might be too much to digest. But their pace is akin to that of a language video, in which an unseen instructor pauses and allows you to répéter before moving on. There also isn’t a lot of visual movement; most of the shots are stills, though cute photos of hamsters do appear in each DVD.

All proceeds are going to the farm animal welfare department of HSUS. You can glean some of Dr. G’s wisdom for free here; this includes the full text of Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching. More free stuff: To subscribe to the doc’s nutrition newsletter, send a blank e-mail to To sign up for his Monthly Pandemic Updates (cheery stuff!), go here. Oh, and the original incarnation of each DVD is a yearly presentation, so be sure to check Dr. G out in person when he’s in your area.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Does anyone know if this will become available in book format?

  2. Comment by

    Michael Greger MD

    on #

    Sorry, no. The information goes out of date so quickly that the best way I figure to disseminate the info is with an annual lecture series.

    cute dog btw :)

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Thanks, Dr. G.; I’ve just ordered the DVD. Pooch is vegan too, btw!

  4. Comment by

    Gordon Kelley

    on #

    My red flags went up at the mention of “joint” and cancer. Far as I know, there’s no evidence whatsoever conclusively linking marijuana use and cancer. Of course, it’s not healthy to put smoke into your lungs, but that’s not the same as implying (which this article does) that there is a direct link between marijuana and cancer, as there is between tobacco and cancer.

    I’m going to check out the DVD myself. But for the moment, I suspect the article writer and/or the DVD author of promulgating unproven and unlikely allegations of marijuana as a carcinogen.

  5. Comment by

    Organic Cosmetics

    on #

    This is quite an informative posting with some very useful links which help us remain posted. It would have been wonderful if we could get all these compiled in an e-book. :-)

  6. Comment by

    Barbara Vogel

    on #

    Sounds great!
    I’m a vegan since september 2007, I will never return to being vegetarian.
    I’m pregnant 18 weeks and all goes very well!
    Would love to order the dvd’s but I don’t know if they can be shipped to Germany?

    Greatings Barbara Vogel

  7. Comment by


    on #

    Hey there,
    I ordered this DVD on 4/22 & I’ve yet to receive it. I’ve sent two inquiring emails, but have not received a response. Any thoughts?