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Put In Your Time Off Request Now: Let Live Conference 2010

Let Live Conference Logo

The Let Live Conference 2010 will be held at Portland State University in Portland, OR, from June 25th to June 27th!

Guess what you’re doing the weekend of June 25-27? You’re going to Portland, OR, for the Let Live Conference! You must be so stoked!

Let Live sets itself apart from other animal rights conferences because of the über practical nature of its panels and, of course, its unbeatable location. Registration is a suggested donation of only $15. (That’s right, a suggested donation.) Register early since space is limited!

Two of the Let Live organizers, Josh Hooten (Herbivore Clothing Company) and Chad Miller (Food Fight Grocery), answered our most pressing Let Live-related questions:

SuperVegan: What do you most hope folks will gain by attending Let Live 2010?

Let Live: There are three main things we hope Let Live does for attendees:

1. We hope people go home with practical skills they can use to make a difference for animals. This can be anything from how to better use social networking sites in their advocacy to effective uses of civil disobedience.

2. We hope people go home inspired to get active, or stay active. We all know this work is hard and often without tangible rewards. We all know it can be discouraging. Our hope is that the speakers and attendees can recharge each other to go home and keep up the fight.

3. We hope people go home feeling that they are part of a community. That community may not exist in their own town or school or at their job, but the rest of us are out here and we’re all pulling for each other. Just getting to meet other folks and hear their triumphs and frustrations can help us all feel like we’re part of something bigger.

SV: How will Let Live 2010 improve upon the awesomeness that was Let Live 2009?

LL: We made a few structural changes in response to feedback we received. One of those changes is that we’ll have some longer panel discussions so topics can be delved into deeper than in previous years. We trimmed down the amount of talks and tightened up the subjects so every talk will be stronger and more focused. We did this because attendees told us there were too many awesome talks going on at the same time and it was difficult to chose which one to attend. As an organizer, this is a great problem to have! But we didn’t want to make people choose and miss out on things they really want to see.

Also, we’re having an art show fundraiser at Portobello Vegan Trattoria on Saturday, June 26th, so folks can unwind and make friends while checking out art by vegan artists. That will be fun, and goes along with the loose theme of this year’s conference, “Creative Activism.”

SV: What’s next for Let Live? Will there be a 2011 conference?

LL: We have a pretty long list of projects we would like to take on, but nothing is definite yet. One idea that keeps coming up is going on tour and doing Let Live events around the country with a rotating cast of speakers. But who knows?! There are lots of local issues we would all like to work on as well. We also discussed publishing “How To” guides on everything from fundraising to putting on a conference. We’ll see what we’re all up for once this conference is done.

SV: I hear there won’t be karaoke this year. So, what do you have planned for the Let Live 2010 kickoff party?

LL: An Animal Rights Spelling Bee! Our friend Liz Pachaud came up with this idea and hosted one in Seattle and it was really fun. A word of warning to potential participants: withstanding the heckling may be harder than the actual spelling you have to do.

Can’t make it to Portland this summer? You’ll be able to attend the conference virtually from the comfort of your own couch! The Let Live organizers will post video of the panels on their web site once they’ve gotten a chance to catch up on some much deserved shut-eye. Feel free to watch pantless.

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