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Queen Quarrygirl is Dead

RIP, m’lady.

Without any ado,, a much appreciated vegan blog out of Los Angeles, shuttered last week. Redirecting to her twitter feed, which she is tweeting from regularly, the unidentified vegan blogstress seems to have had an epiphany whilst attending a Morissey concert to the effect of, “enough is enough.” After four years, her term is apparently over.

We at SuperVegan would like to thank Quarrygirl and her contributing writers for what was (and still is, in its archived form) a tremendous resource for vegan eating. Operation Pancake?! I mean, c’mon! That was ah-mazing! Blogging is hard hard work, and often goes unrecognized, so thanks thanks thanks for all of yours! We hope you enjoy your early retirement and wish you the best of luck with whatever you get yourself into next, a lifetime of delicious vegan food to feast on, and maybe a pony? I dunno, something nice.

In the meantime, gentle readers, if you’d like us at SuperVegan to pick up where QG left off, create a LA Restaurant Guide, or something else only you have thought of, please let us know! Leave a comment, it’s easy, and we really like hearing from you!


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    You sure? It just loaded for me…

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    on #

    It is a damn shame but I’m sure she has her reasons. I adored her blog and it was one of the things that inspired me to take up the grueling hobby myself. It will be sadly missed.

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    on #

    I loved that blog to death – so wacky, unpredictable and informative that tuning in every day was a surprise. Would it be a boring “field report” with shitty pictures, or a damning expose of a leading publication (the veg news scandal).

    Thanks for everything, Quarrygirl. We Loved You.

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    on #

    I miss quarrygirl’s site :(

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    on #

    I miss QG already. I hope someone picks up the torch for LA and continues her great work.

  7. Comment by

    Vegan Zagats

    on #

    Isn’t there a SV contributor in LA? They already have a Vegan Drinks LA & Orange County. Surely someone could cajole people to volunteer on building on the QG library and make an resource like SV in LA. We need more-more vegan food porn!

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    on #

    Super sad she is no longer! I read her blog on a daily basis . I would love to have another sit to go to for all that usefull information!!!

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    on #

    Blame Morrissey and his horrible, uninspiring setlist. I didn’t even bother attending his L.A. shows. Quarrygirl should wait a week and then decide what to do. My epiphanies at Morrissey shows usually fall along the lines of: “I dislike my friends; I can’t be around my family.”

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    on #

    ahh man, yes, pass the torch. Four years was a good run, she’ll be missed.

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    on #

    We vegans over here at MarryMeAlready are super sad to see her go. Thanks for the fun ride QG, & thanks for holding it down on the East Coast with all you do, SuperVegan! :) MMA