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Recent media on elephants and zoos

Here’s a round-up of a few recent news stories on elepants and zoos. The topic has been getting a lot of coverage in the media lately.

Watch ABC World News Tonight‘s June 12th evenhanded coverage of the controversy over keeping elephants in zoos. It features pro-animal/ anti-zoo quotes from California Assemblyperson Lloyd Levine and The Price is Right host Bob Barker (who is argueably America’s favorite vegan).

On Sunday, Time magazine featured a story which questioned the ability of zoos to humanely care for wild animals: “Who Belongs in the Zoo?”. The article was followed up on Monday by a web-exclusive, “Are Zoos Killing Elephants?”. The article was written in the shadow of the death of Gita, an elephant who resided in the Los Angeles Zoo.

Animal advoctes in Seattle are still working to free Bamboo from the Woodland Park Zoo. Bamboo is a 39-year-old elephant who has been moved around due to her problems socializing with other elephants. Last week The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported on the lawsuit filed by her advocates against the zoo for failure to provide her with an adequate environment.

Outrage against zoos is not a sentiment exclusive to the United States. Activists in Manila are working to make the Philippines the first zoo-free country in Asia.

For more info on zoos and to learn what you can do to keep wild animals free, visit

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