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Red Mango: Purveyors of Sweet Brooklyn Vegan Desserts

They also have tasty company artwork by Brooklyn artist Maya Edelman.

They also have tasty company artwork by Brooklyn artist Maya Edelman.

Red Mango Bakery–not to be confused with the new Korean yogurt peddler–delivers vegan (and non-vegan…) treats to more than a dozen coffee shops and cafes. On the whole, their goods are decently tasty, but the real draw is how well they’re distributed in Brooklyn, where a vegan cupcake can be hard to come by (unless you have generous cupper-crazed friendlies). The German Chocolate was far and away the best in this league, but the true highlight of the RM dessert line-up is the crispy peanut butter-chocolate bar. It was the best dessert of its kind I’ve ever had: a layer of peanut buttery crispy rice, topped with peanut butter frosting and a thick layer of chocolate ganache. Shared between two people, it was totally satisfying and not too-sweet like many vegan desserts. I would buy these in bulk. I’m glad I didn’t get a photo before I ate it–I don’t want to tip off any savvy Brooklynites who might be on the prowl for these guys. Seriously, back off.

Selections vary, but you can find Red Mango goods at Bushbaby, Fall Cafe, Food4Thought, Has Beans, Heights Coffee, K-Dog & Dunebuggy, Little Atlas, Ozzie’s Coffee on 7th Avenue, Smooch, Tea Lounge on Union Street and Court Street, Tillie’s, Vox Pop, Earth Tonez, and the Yippie Museum.

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    they have a website! i had almost forgotten about them. we had their cakes at Tea Lounge cobble hill too. the chocolate chai spice cake was so good. we’d sell it in like 20 minutes because i wouldn’t stop talking about it to every person who ordered a soy beverage. (we didn’t label them vegan).