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Ringling Bros. grasping at straws; exotic animal ban possibly in horizon for NYC.

Grant Aleksander and a furry fan

Grant Aleksander and a furry fan

It seems like the circus is everywhere in the media these days. Though little of the coverage takes a stance against performing animals, the articles often include statements from animal advocacy organizations and acknowledge that concerns about animal welfare is leading many folks to seek alternative forms of entertainment.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer recently reported on the Ringling Brothers’ battle to keep their elephants.

Yesterday USA Today featured a cover story on the changes Ringling Brothers has made to its stage show. They’re getting rid of the lions and tigers (unfortunately, the elephants remain) in order to keep up with the popular Cirque du Soleil, which uses features exclusively human performers. According to a circus historian quoted in the article: “The show is under considerable pressure from animal rights activists, and everything they do speaks to the fact that they’re responding.”

Let’s kick ’em while they’re down. Join League of Humane Voters, singer Nellie McKay, Guiding Light star Grant Aleksander, and City Council Member Rosie Mendez, and others for a press conference on the introduction of legislation to ban elephants and other exotic animals in the circus. Tuesday, June 13 at 10am on the steps of City Hall. NYC. More info: 212-889-0303,

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    Grant: I belong to Best Friends. They just rehab’d Vick’s dogs when others said it couldn’t be done. Rescue animals all sizes and all places (e.g., Katrina victims). So I join you in a fervent, priority love for animals!
    How dumb is CBS! I will miss GL!