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Rock the Vote: PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door

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Mike brings new meaning to

Mike brings new meaning to “I’d like to speak to your manager.”

Keep democracy alive: Take a few moments to vote for PETA’s Sexist Vegetarian Next Door.

Candle 79 patrons might recognize Michael, a snowboarding NYU student who works as a manager at the upscale restaurant. My friend Marisa, who seems to be his campaign manager, writes, “He deserves our vote if for no other reason than having served thousands of giggling girls (and guys) delectable dishes and drinks with a dashing smile. Oh yeah, and he’s been vegan since he was twelve. Now that’s HOT.”


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    Not only is Michael hot, but I believe he’s the only vegan among the male contestants.

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    Thank you for supporting and posting alink for the Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest! Please take the time to look at all of the candidates and see who’s bio you think deserves it the most! Myself and my husband are both finalists, please take a second and read our bio and vote for us if you think either one of us deserves it. I am very proud to promote this lifestyle!! :)