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Sage Organic Vegan Bistro is One Of The Best Meals You Could Ever Eat.

Attention Super Vegans Everywhere! Stop what you are doing and read me now! Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Echo Park, California is one of the best meals you could ever eat. Don’t trust me? Ask Insufferable Vegan, my lunch mate. Don’t trust words? Lookee at our spread (we maaaaaaaaay have ordered just a wee too much):

Top Row: Bistro Po’ Boy with German Potato Salad, Close up of the Po’ Boy, Close up of the Potato Salad. Middle Row: Root Vegetable Tacos, Mac and Cheese Ball, Quinoa Corn Cake. Bottom Row: Pesto Croissant Club Sandwich, Close up of the sandwich, Mashed Potatoes.

I am still recovering. Not sure what to eat from now on, as this place has raised the bar on face-stuffing ever so high! My favorite thing was the club croissandwich. I.V.’s favorite was the Po’ Boy. Everything else was a close second. I mean, who would think that root vegetables, kale and Hollandaise would make for a good taco? And now that’s all I can think about.

There’s also a Kind Kreme inside, which I found out is owned by the daughter of the Cafe Gratitude proprietors! I guess that soybean didn’t fall far from the stalk. As you can guess, there was not even space enough in our tums for a taste.

Make a Vegan pilgrimage to this place at once!


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    That’s funny as my favorite Vegan place in the country is also called Sage’s. As a New Yorker who has lived in many other places (Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, Burlington, Salt Lake City). Sage’s cafe in SLC is by far my favorite destination. Everything scratch made by the cool owner Ian. If ever in Utah don’t miss it.

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    Hi Andrea I love the way write about sage.looks like thy paid you to write the review
    I went for dinner after reading your review 1st of all thy are not organic if you read the menu it says thy use local organic when ever possible so that means thy lying if you are real writer you will call them and ask them about why thy have fine print so please be real and true to your readers non organic food is just like eating poison
    Fine print should not be on the restaurant menu.
    Fine print is for phone contract like AT&T
    I hope you will update your review after you call sage and ask them to prove that thy are 100% Organic

  3. Comment by

    Wally Moosegarner

    on #

    Dave, whether or not the food at Sage is organic is the least of your problems.

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    Hi Wally it’s not a problem it’s just not good for restaurant to have fine print about food just say that we are not organic if i am paying for organic i need to be served organic food that’s all. why lie about. so many. please check out the link