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Salmonella-Tainted Veggie Booty Recalled

Dirty Booty.

Dirty Booty.

More than 50 people have fallen ill after eating tainted (but tasty!) Veggie Booty (as of print-time, Tings are still reported safe). SuperVegan readers beware: New York and California are reporting the biggest outbreaks, with thirteen and seven sick, respectively. Veggie Booty’s maker Robert’s American Gourmet Food is recalling all of the product. If you have some, throw it out and seek reimbursement for your purchase. So far no one knows (or is saying) how the snacks became contaminated.

Sure, it’s obviously disturbing that a vegan-friendly packaged snack product is tainted with an animal-borne bacteria–but it’s also cute that the FDA has been tracking these illnesses since March.


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    Patrick Kwan

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    “tainted (but tasty!)” – ha! Susie Cagle, I

  2. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

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    that was, Susie Cagle, I heart you. :)

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    Salmonella isn’t only animal borne. Most infections with Salmonella are traced back to dairy, poultry and meat products, but Salmonella can grow on just about any food.