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Satya goes Myth Busters!

Filed under: Media

Imbued with the spirit of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the latest issue of Satya magazine busts all those wacky myths out there about vegans. In the cover story, the sexy power couple Ashley Lou Smith and Dan Piraro prove that vegans have a sense of humor. Satya‘s resident foodie Mo reviews NYC’s super-classy Blossom and dispells the myth that vegans don’t enjoy fine dining. COK‘s Erica Meier provides a listing of all the veg-friendly spots in D.C., thus proving our nation’s capital isn’t all dirty politics, the area is also a veggie paradise. (Be sure to bookmark the page if you’re going to the AR2006 conference in D.C. this weekend.) Speaking of politics, check out the interview with John Phillips of LOHV-NYC, which proves that politicians and animal activists can mix.

There’s lots more in the issue that you can’t read online, like PPK‘s Isa busting of the myth that “it aint a barbeque without meat” and an interiew with straight-edge vegan Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi fame. This means you’re going to have to either subscribe (which you should do anyway, tight-wad) or pick up a free copy at a random NYC restaurant or health food store.

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