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Satya highlights Vegan NYC

Filed under: Media New York City

The March issue of Satya is now available and there are several great articles on vegan NYC. Highlights include Patrick Kwan’s reviews of 14 vegan-friendly NYC restaurants and Sam J. Miller’s interesting essay “Faggotarian.” We’re sad to note that this will be the last issue of Satya available online.

Also, check out the Satya-produced radio show “Feminist Food,” produced in honor of International Women’s Day and playing tomorrow at noon on WBAI (99.5 FM) in New York City or later on the online archives. This show explores how the meat, egg and dairy industries impact animals, women and society. You can hear Satya editors Catherine Clyne, Kymberlie Adams Matthews and Sangamithra Iyer discuss feminism on their plate, and listen to Pattrice Jones of Eastern Shore Sanctuary make connections between feminism and veganism. Satya‘s Editorial Intern, Maureen Wyse, shows us how easy being vegan is and will tempt your taste buds with women-powered vegan eats and businesses, with shout-outs to Vegan Treats, Babycakes, May Wah and MooShoes.

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