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Sea Shepherd Activists Shut Down Canadian Crab Feast

Save the crabs!

Save the crabs!

When the Prince Rupert SPCA in British Columbia decided to hold a fundraising event of boiling live crabs to raise funds for the care and housing of animals in shelters, they shouldn’t have been surprised to be met with opposition.

Paul Watson, President of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, got wind of the event and mobilized supporters to send emails and make calls in protest, successfully shutting down the feast.

As far out as this idea may sound to any of us, one person didn’t want to take any chances of the event taking place despite calls and emails from activists, and called in a bomb threat, which may have given this event the deciding publicity factor.


  1. Comment by

    frank language

    on #

    I thought this was such a cool thing of Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to do, I reposted the article (along with the link to here) on Vegan Porn. Several people have left comments at this link rather than here, so I invite anyone to see what people have to say. (Such as, “[Paul Watson] is basically the vegan Captain Kirk.”)

    Does anyone else experience cognitive dissonance at the thought of killing animals to save animals? Paul Watson did; you go, Paul!

  2. Comment by

    Moni Woweries

    on #

    If I’m not mistaken, he is featured in “Behind the Mask,” where he is shown ramming a whale hunting ship and shutting down the hunt. It was awesome, as they showed the footage, the audience actually applauded. Yay, Paul!