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Seals in Sand and Snow

Some La Jolla residents want the seals who’ve been basking on their San Diego beach to go bask somewhere else. They even took the matter to court, citing that the smell, feces, and general seal activities are driving families away. As a result, the city was ordered to dredge the area in order to make it less welcoming to the seals, who’ve been flocking to the area since the early ’90s.

But dredging could drive the seals—many of which are pregnant—away for good, so the city agreed to rope off a certain section of the beach during pupping season. But that’s not enough, according to the Save-Our-Seals Coalition, which is working to appeal the dredging ruling, especially since there have been reports of tussles between people and the seals: “San Diego is full of other beaches for humans, and Casa Beach is the only harbor seal rookery in Southern California.”

Help save the seals’ space by writing to California lawmakers and attorneys, sponsoring a seal, and if you live in the area, volunteering with the “Rake-a-Line Program.”

Meanwhile, the Canadian seal hunt ended in June, with a death toll of about 336,000 pups, most of which were no more than 12 days old. Make this the last seal hunt we ever have to write about by signing HSUS’s petition to stop the next hunt before it starts, boycotting Canadian seafood, writing to fashion insiders to ask them to stop using seal skin and fur in their designs, and more.

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