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Second Call for Veterinary and Pet Supplies, for the Next Darwin Animal Doctors Occupy Wall Street Vet Campaign

Following our first Occupy Wall Street Veterinary Campaign, the developing needs of the animals accompanying the humans of Zuccotti Park became very clear.

(Photo by Jen Ross)

As the weather gets colder, and the streets become harsher, we discovered that dogs Occupying Wall Street were in immediate need of dog boots. Also, as the outdoors become less hospitable, fleas and parasites start to gravitate towards warm bodies, and we need to stop any potential foothold that fleas and internal worms may otherwise get in such cramped camping conditions.

(Photo by Dayna R)

Darwin Animal Doctors will be at Occupy Wall Street again this Friday night, and we’ll need your help to serve the dogs everything they need! Details:

Darwin Animal Doctors Occupy Wall Street Campaign Part 2
When: Friday, November 4, 7:00pm setup, vet arrives at 7:30pm
Where: Zuccotti Park, next to the Medical tent
What to Bring: If you want to help, we have a continuing need for:
– Dog boots
– Flea/tick treatments
– De-worming medicine
– Vegan dog food
– Dog blankets
– Vaccines for dog issues like kennel cough.

If you can bring them that day, that’s great. Otherwise, if you have these items, you can email tod at to coordinate a pickup or mailing.

These animals deserve all the care we can give them, while they are in our domain!

(Photo by Dayna R)

Thanks everyone!


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Can you tell me a little about doggy boots? Down to about what temperature did evolution provide them with what they need?

  2. Comment by

    Dayna R

    on #

    Thanks for asking, Richard. The issue isn’t the temperature as much as it’s the surface. Some of the dogs’ soft paw pads aren’t handling the concrete very well and it will be worse once the snows and salting start.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Ok thx that makes sense. The world has been cold for thousands of years but only made of concrete recently.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    I realize this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s pretty awful and selfish for people to force a vagrant lifestyle on an animal that did not ask for it. If you can’t afford to give your dog proper food and medical care, don’t get a goddamn dog. If you are no longer able to care for your dog, find it an owner who can. And if you are intent on occupying wall street, good for you, but maybe that’s not the most hospitable environment for your pet. These animals don’t have any choice in the matter, and I think it’s sort of lame that their owners are putting them in a position where they’re vulnerable to cold, disease, etc.