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Set up a Wheeler’s Tasting Group for Your Town

Filed under: Food Ice Cream Sweets

I have yet to encounter anyone who’s tried Wheeler’s Black Label and doesn’t think it’s the best vegan ice cream ever. (“Anyone” includes at least Isa Chandra PPK, Conscious Kitchen, Kristin Thomas from the Boston Vegan Association, Vegetalion, Urban Housewife Melisser, Bostonist and me.) The good stuff is served in a few Boston restaurants, but it’s hard to get your tongue on any elsewhere.

Well, now’s your chance, and you don’t even have to pay for it! Wheeler’s is setting up tasting groups around the US to get feedback and build hype. They send you the ice cream; it’s up to you to organize a group in your town and offer constructive feedback.

I’m sure it’s worth a little paperwork and people wrangling to be the first on the block to try their new flavors made with Sweet & Sara marshmallows!


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    ummm…what about a supervegan group?? i just emailed them and really want to try this stuff. sooo if they get back to me, anyone down??

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    oh, brooklyn, that is…

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    sign me up! I’m totally there.

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    Jason Das

    on #

    I have a feeling that a few of us have e-mailed them offering to set up a Brooklyn (or wider NYC) group. Maybe they’ll put us all in touch.

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    on #

    Vegan = good
    Soy = bad (read “The Whole Soy Story” for why)

    Any such thing as a *soy-free* vegan ice cream? Wheelers clearly uses rice and other non-soy, non-dairy milks, it’d be great to see them do some soy-free product.

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    In case you’re not aware, the author of “The Whole Soy Story,” Kaayla Daniel is a board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. This foundation is very anti-vegetarian (and of course, anti-soy)and promotes the ideas and research of now deceased dentist Weston Price who believed that the key to good health is eating lots of saturated fats in the form of animal protein.(including raw milk) This is based on his questionable dental research from the 1920’s and 1930’s of tribal populations whose diet was very high in animal proteins.
    This organization promotes some dangerous nutritional information, and I would not give any credibility to a book from one of their spokespeople. Do a little research into this organization and you’ll find lots of sources that debunk them.

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    I agree that The Whole Soy Story has major bias. However, I suggest not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Kaayla Daniel’s literature review (very well referenced, BTW) provides serious pause regarding the safety of most soy foods.

    Yeah, she’s totally biased against vegetarianism and her association is with an antivegetarian organization. That said, I read her book and the facts from her scientific review of studies involving soy are compelling. It’s not as clear as “we’re right, she’s wrong”.

    You state “I would not give any credibility to a book from one of their spokespeople.” I agree completely that the book has clear bias, which should be ignored. However, it also has many facts regarding soy from published studies, which should not be ignored. Read it.

    If there’s other info out there that contradicts Ms. Daniel’s soy-focused literature review, I’d be glad to read it. For now, my red flags are waving strongly regarding nonfermented soy products.

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    “Any such thing as a *soy-free* vegan ice cream?”

    Haven’t had it in a while, but Rice Dream might be more your style. It has some soy, but not as much as some other.

    Or, I like sorbet.

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    so has wheelers gotten back to anyone?

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    It’s one thing to choose a diet without animal foods but another to assume that for several million years every other human culture through history was wrong. Calling Weston A Price ‘wrong’ or ‘biased’ because they believe the natural heritage diet is best shows incredible arrogance. If you only listen to research of vegans, you may be doing your health a disservice. Or you may not. But if only vegan thinkers are worthy of consideration, then why think at all?

    In fact, soy never was interested in health or environment and soy crops are destroying more rain forest than “the meat industry.” In fact, soy was first touted to us and sold as health food as ‘margarine’ ‘heart healthy vegetable oils’- yep, hydrogenated vegetable oil was how soy got into the market big time. As the clock ticked toward the government declaration that ZERO trans fats are safe, they changed thrust with hippie health foods. Asian soy products are fermented, a process that was developed over the years to rid the bean of its natural poisons and make it edible.

    Soy is listed as a poisonous plant by the food safety administration. Whether or not Kaayla said so, it is a fact. Soy lecithin IS sludge regardless of who said so. Soy goitrogrens and estrogens DO cause thyroid and other endocrine disorders, regardless of whether Weston A. Price said so.

    A bit more research on your part and a more open mind might lead you to stop hating people who eat meat, which is 99.999 percent of the population through all time, whether lots or a little. We evolved because of meat, contrary to your idea that meat eating is unevolved, neanderthal, and redneck. Instead of assuming meat eaters- most people- are uninformed monsters, we should all work together to making animal foods safer, cleaner, and raised more humanely.

    Indeed, Weston A. Price Foundation has more in common with vegans than you think, had you bothered to do your homework. They advocate hormone free, antibiotic free, free range, humanely raised, traditional farm practices rather than factory foods.

    YOu will never succeed in converting the whole world to your diet simply because it cannot work for everyone. The vegan diet, despite the propaganda your leaders tell you, is deficient in many vitamins, and many that are present in plant foods are poorly absorbed by the body. It’s a compassionate choice to make, but please be compassionate to other humans instead of only to animals. That means acknowledging others’ right to eat the food that nature gave them. And yes, I’m aware than many meat eaters drink a lot of soda and eat crap. But a lot of vegans smoke and eat fake soy foods and soda, too. Let’s try to respect one another’s choices.

    And yes, I eat meat,and yes I was a vegetarian for many years, and completely ruined my health. I ate amazingly well and a wide variety of foods but didn’t know I had thyroid disease. I damaged myself beyond all belief and have only come back to a semblance of self through ‘paleo’ eating- extremely low on grains and sugars, and lots and lots of vegetables and fish and meat, as unprocessed as possible. That this is the ‘right’ diet eluded me for a longtime, but it’s the diet evolution gave us to thrive on. Let’s support groups that advocate for humane raising and drug free meats for people who eat them- instead of crappy hot dogs and fast food- because people will always eat meat. If we really care about those animals, not just in the ‘oh, i don’t eat them’ way, we will support those who advocate these practices.

    thanks for listening