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Single White Misogynist, Aquarius, 45

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Eric Schaeffer: Did He Pay for Those Organic Spices?

Eric Schaeffer: Did He Pay for Those Organic Spices?

Gawker has been lavishing a lot of attention lately on Eric Schaeffer. For those of you who haven’t been breathlessly following the story, he’s the author of the forthcoming book I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single and proprietor of its related website. There’s not a lot that can be said about him that Gawker hasn’t covered already, but suffice to say, he’s thoroughly grody. As in, “STOP GETTING MAD AT ME AND THE REST OF US 45 YEAR OLD MEN WHOSE CUT OFF IS 36 OKAY?!!!” grody. (That’s not the worst of it.)

Like any self-respecting aughties™ man on the prowl, he has his very own MySpace profile. About Eric:

I’m vegan but started eating meat again last year and now call myself a vegan who eats meat, how annoying am I with that.

That’s right, ladies, take a number because he’s a vegan who eats meat! A word of warning, though: “if you don’t shave your legs, you’re out.”

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