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Skinny Vegans, Buff Vegans

Gonzalez is247lbs and vegan. Who you callin' a bitch?

Gonzalez is247lbs and vegan. Who you callin’ a bitch?

I haven’t been following the whole Skinny Bitch craze. I somehow had this idea that it was targeted towards folks who cry over Bridget Jone’s Diary while eating boxes of bon-bons or go out with the girls to get mani-pedis. But, I just read Grist’s recent interview with Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman and I’m intrigued by and grateful for her work in getting the chick lit crowd excited about animal rights. You go, girl!

It other news, the flips the script and introduces us to some Buff Bastards— hunky male athletes who made the switch to a vegan diet.


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    “The Chiefs’ team nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan, a former vegetarian athlete, did not believe that was enough. With the team’s prospects and Mr. Gonzalez’s legacy at stake, she persuaded the tight-end to incorporate small amounts of meat into his plant diet. Just no beef, pork or shellfish, he said; only a few servings of fish and chicken a week.

    Teammates nicknamed him China Study and razzed Mr. Gonzalez if he missed a block. But he wasn’t ready to give up his new diet completely. After a preseason practice, he accompanied Mr. Hinds to learn a skill he believed as important as blocking techniques: how to shop for groceries. Mr. Hinds showed him nutritious fish oils “


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    al oof

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    i’m not comfortable with the veganism as weight loss plan plan. because then when it doesn’t work, because some of us just aren’t meant to be skinny, folks will think it’s veganism that’s failed them.

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    Yeah, he’s definitely vegan. Check out that diet plan link. Fish, plus a dairy protein in his recovery drink.

    However, the athletes featured in the sidebars are vegan, including Mac Danzig, who states the reason for his veganism as animal rights. Big thumbs-up to him, and glad to see it included with the main article.

  4. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    Thanks Emmaaa! I totally missed that!!!! Yikes. I hate when people are “vegan, but…” I have to admit I posted this without fully reading the article. (I had to leave for work in 5 minutes and the article was a little boring.) Bad journalist! [Hand slap.]

    Yeah, the Danzig guy seems awesome though and supervegan to boot!

    I think it’s totally cool to become vegan to loose or gain weight, to get laid, to win friends and influence people, or to get rich in 30 days. Whatever. I just hope folks don’t catch on to the fact that you don’t need to be vegan for these things to happen. I’ve always been relatively thin (though I actually gained a little weight shortly after becoming vegan since I felt obligated/compelled/excited to eat anything that was animal-free), but I often lie to omnis and say I used to be a total lard ass before going vegan. Lying is fun and if it influences people to do the right thing, even if for just one week or until they lose five pounds, I’m all for it.

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    I’m not comfortable referring to women as “bitch”, especially when it references the competition and jealousy that some women may feel towards other “skinny bitch”es.

  6. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    “Lying is fun.” Love it.

  7. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    it just makes me uncomfortable because i’m uncomfortable with dieting for weight loss (as opposed to health, which is very not the same thing). i don’t want veganism to be considered a fad diet like atkins! it’s actually terrifying that atkins isn’t really consdiered a fad anymore. but i guess that would be good for veganism. i am inconsistent.

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    while i get totally annoyed with veganism as fad, fashion etc. and with articles like this using vegan as umbrella for fish eating, at least muscle headed men and women just might have their minds open slightly. i mean shit, it’s for the animals! Even if people consume less carcass, these lame articles are worth it.

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    Hannah- totally agree with your point and was pleasantly surprised to see the authors actually comment on that in the book. They say “skinny bitch” was just a catchy title to sell books that the readers should not become actual skinny bitches and instead be happy with their new bodies, spread love, happiness, etc, etc. :)

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    Being a new vegan and new to this site I want to thank all the people like olivia who take time to keep us up to date. While I enjoy all the information on this website, I find the comments by some to be to much. It seems alot of vegans are uptight and wait to just trash anything that does not fit their worldview 100% (vegan-nazis). If you want to change the mind of the public in general you have to have a more upbeat tone. Yes animals are being killed everyday and I understand the tone of the animal rights movement but u have to lighten-up please.

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    I agree, Chesboy; it’s lots more light and positive to call people Nazis. Keep up the good work!

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    yeeeah… while I agree that some vegans can go a bit…shal we say…overboard? I don’t think getting upset about a mag calling someone who eats fish or dairy a vegan is out of line. Vegetarian, maybe. Vegan, well, you and the mag writer should probably look up the word.

  13. Comment by

    Olivia Lane

    on #

    Yeah, PhillyVegan, sorry again about the fish=vegan thing. I got confused. What do I know, seeing as I’m not even vegan anymore. ;-)

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    bunk existence

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    Okay, so he’s not vegan he’s omni. But it’s commendable that most of his meals are totally vegan if he’s not. Too bad the article calls him vegan.

    Total vegan athletes to check out: ultimate fighter Danzig and NBA player Stoudamire.

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    haha – no problems olivia, best april fools joke ever though.

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    People say that high-calorie diet makes them strong?! That’s hypnosis! You eat meals like that, heavy meals, and all your energy goes into digesting it – that is why when on the pitch, playing the game, your sportspeople need to energise with fluids that have things like sugars in them.
    It’s the same with animals – what do they do after eating (the carnivores, hunters)? – they lie around digesting it.

    Also, note that all that protein and so forth in the foods, excepting some of the fish and sea creatures, all comes from vegan animals……so how come they can make all that nutritious stuff of their bodies only out of eating plants?
    People are supposedly evolved from some primates, and they rarely get their nutrition from other than a fruitarian diet – yet they aren’t lacking in strength or energy.

    Evolutionarily it doesn’t make sense to claim that people evolved into no longer being able to build muscle mass from a plant diet. There’s no advantage to that, unless you lived in someplace where plants never grow.

    In regard to carbs and bulking materials (as in for bodybuilding), did stuff like potatoes, oatmeal, and pasta vanish overnight? Grains, roots, and tubers all gone suddenly.

    It’d be interesting to find out how much indigestion tablets are gone through by folks on more common diets. I’m not being preachy here; I’m sitting at a computer, drinking a coffee (naturally brewed organic etc – but it’s still coffee so doesn’t exactly qualify as an Eden fruitarian back-to-the-garden anything) – there’s just this part of me that balks when I read what some folks eat regularly because I start thinking about if they notice things like their digestion; cause it sounds about as healthy as cortison knee injections. It’s a terrible thing the way athletes are considered to have shortish careers as an expected thing (esp. pro); there needs to be more truth about Chi energy and how that is where strength comes from – it also keeps you young and stops you wearing out!
    There’s these TV shows here that show a lot of chi demonstrations – one of the series is called ‘Mind, Body, and Kick Ass Moves’.

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    yall wanna talk about animal rights alright i’ve seen how they treat them but if u watch the videos with the factories its the worst of the worst. I’m catholic i believe animals were put on this world for human use and consumption, if ur a vegan give up your christian religon because your going agaisnt it. Animals are controlled by humans everything you use has something to do with animals. and i’ve noticed vegans get sick alot and yes are that super model skinny if u don’t eat meat are enough protien it will kill or make you sick. yeah eat your nuts and fruits sure thts got protien but not enough im not against vegans but feed your body i had a friend almost die because of that book she got so sick from not enough calories, fat an protien intake be a vegan but make sure u get that protien intake