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Some Woman Nipple Milk Cheese To Go With Your Whine

Filed under: Food Recipes & Cooking

Some of you got very riled up this April Fool’s at the thought of vegan-friendly man nipple milk cheese. But it’s really not much of a joke at all. This woman had a hard time turning her breast milk into cheese sans curdling rennet (“breast milk can not curdle [on its own], because the protein content is lower” than cow’s milk). But you can buy a real Sheese from a company in France, though I can’t say my French is good enough to be 100% sure this stuff is rennet-free; plus, the women who provide the milk may not be vegan. Alternatively, Dan Savage has some instructions on how to make your own using the milk of a beautiful vegan woman and the rennet substitute of a vegetable. Totally not vegan–presuming the lactaters are paid fair wages, of course. So first, would you eat it? Second, who’s going to start the breast milk cheese cottage industry? It could at least pay your room and board in this Berkeley vegan commune.

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  1. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    I think man nipple milk cheese will still be better considering how it’s rather snooty and exotic. It’d be like the blanc truffle mushrooms of cheeses.