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Soy milk at Dunkin’ Donuts?! Where? Here in the East Village at least.

Hopefully, this will soon be at your local Dunkin' Donuts.

Hopefully, this will soon be at your local Dunkin’ Donuts.

As previously reported a year ago by our very own Andrea Wachner, Dunkin’ Donuts has been planning on adding soy milk and she even received a personal response from Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Jon Luther promising that they are working on adding soy milk – he even offered to put soy milk in some of Andrea’s favorite Dunkin’ locations before the “market change.”

Well, perhaps they need to hear from some of you, since the only Dunkin’ Donuts that we know of in NYC that has soy milk is in the East Village near Angelica Kitchen, Viva Pizza, and Urban Outfitters. Thankfully, this location is open 24 hours, has free WiFi, and outdoor seating, which makes it quite awesome. But this is certainly not enough.

Want Dunkin’ Donuts to carry soy milk? Send a note to Dunkin’ Donuts with your favorite locations and ask them to please carry soy milk – a source says soy milk is available for the franchise owner to order if s/he so wishes. Maybe before you know it, you will see one of these adorable “Now Available: Soy Milk” signs to greet you!

And here for some bragging rights – some years ago, a few other vegan friends and I made it our personal mission to walk into mom-and-pop (or pop-and-pop/mom-and-mom/whatever) coffeeshops that did not have soy milk and would very nonchalantly order something with soy. When the cashier responds that they do not have soy milk, we would make a face and ask “where’s the nearest Starbucks?”

We would take turns returning to the same coffeeshops over and over again and before you know it, they would have soy milk. So all you new vegans have me and my soy milk posse to thank for your coffee!!


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    Wow, I got soy iced coffees there all summer (hold the whipped cream, please!) and didn’t think it was anything special… I went to another Dunkin Donuts in Jackson Heights that didn’t offer soymilk, but I thought it was because it was Jackson Heights.

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